Clarity, Compassion and Genuine Happiness

As you reflect upon and embrace the fragile nature of our life on this planet, remember the unlimited potential of your mind.
In today’s unstable world, our own inner stability is the essential basis to be able to act meaningfully, enjoy our lives, have fruitful relationships, and make our own contribution to society. Matthieu Ricard’s series of reflections and meditations Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness offers a clear guide for real transformation and fulfillment.
Meditation is not just emptying our mind and relaxing. It is training our minds. If we cultivate as skills our inner qualities such as benevolence, compassion, clarity, inner peace, inner strength, not only will we flourish in life, but through that we can also benefit others, and care for more social justice and future generations.
—Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard’s first series now in HD with subtitles

We have uploaded a higher resolution version (full HD) of Matthieu Ricard’s fundamental instructions on How to Meditate. This will be a boon for those who like to watch the videos on a larger screen. We have also added subtitles in English which will be useful for anyone with hearing difficulties, but particularly for our many users who use the app in English when it is not their first language.

Anyone can learn to meditate!

If you are new to Imagine Clarity, or if you are just starting to meditate, combine the inspiration of Matthieu’s reflections with Meditate day by day, a series of progressive daily ten-minute meditations by Matthieu’s long-time friend and collaborator Charles Hastings. Mature meditators have also found this clear return to the fundamentals a great asset for refreshing their practice.

You might like to simply come back to Matthieu’s themes, such as Why meditate or On what to meditate, which are the basis for everything we are trying to do in Imagine Clarity to meet the deepest aspirations of our users.
2 years ago
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