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When we are surrounded by and mentally maintain an increasing stream of negativity and pessimism, it becomes of paramount importance to realise that compassion is a skill that can be learned. Altruistic love and compassion are the cardinal virtues of human existence and reside at the heart of healing and hope.
Rooted in compassion and mindfulness, all courses in Imagine Clarity are shared in the spirit of ‛secular ethics’: how to become a better human being and bring about a more compassionate society. And it does start with oneself, thereʼs no other way. Several Imagine Clarity courses in particular cover and emphasise this aspect of compassion, with both reflections and meditation guidance on compassion and altruistic love made available. 
The following courses and reflections by Matthieu Ricard may serve as particular inspiration on the topic:
Below are a series of guided meditation practices to help integrate such aspects in everyday life:
  • Over a month long, the Meditation Practice Foundations course and its follow-up Awakening the Heart will help you gradually establish a foundation of care and kindness for yourself and others. You will learn methods for approaching all kinds of situations, even the most difficult.
  • The A Boundless Heart meditations encourages the development of a compassionate attitude: “We need loving-kindness to make decisions and to act in ways conducive to one’s own and others’ genuine happiness.”
Maria João Pires, world-renowned pianist, reflects on the fundamental role of compassion can play in art and everyday life:
Hope resides in our ability to take better care of ourselves as individuals, our communities and the planet. We hope these pointers can offer helpful inspiration for your practice. If you would have any more specific questions, we are here for you.
It is essential to have a sense of direction to nourish enthusiasm for our daily lives. Perhaps the anxiety that some people feel comes from a lack of direction or from having failed to grasp their inner potential for change.
We need perseverance and enthusiasm, but not impatience. Even though the path may be long, the sense that we are headed in the right direction helps to maintain a sense of fulfilment.
—Matthieu Ricard in Why Meditate
With warmest wishes from the Imagine Clarity team.


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