A Path of Insight Continues

Dear friend,
Our A Path of Insight series based on the four pillars of mindfulness with the guidance of Matthieu Ricard is now completed. These classical vipaśyanā practices can fundamentally heal our stress and uproot the usual afflictions of the mind by offering a foundation for profound insights. Please explore the four pillars of mindfulness: body, sensations, mind, and phenomena.
Path of Adventure
To support your path of discovery, we will continue highlighting the same vipaśyanā theme but with a more advanced practice approach with Dr. Alan Wallace. The spirit is to dive into a deep investigation of the mind in the upcoming weeks. You may practice for weeks or months with the same theme and find new nuances and insights along the way as your inner experience is becoming more subtle. A thought for your consideration:
The source of the illusion is our deeply ingrained tendency to reify the objects of perception, imagining them to be independent of our awareness of them.
According to Alan's welcoming words: 
I welcome you on this journey. It is one that I think is the greatest adventure we can embark on because it’s a journey into the very nature of our own existence from the inside out.
Thank you so much for all your feedback! And please remember—if you have questions regarding your meditation practice or the Imagine Clarity app, do not hesitate to contact us.

With warm wishes,

The Imagine Clarity team
Photo: Alan Kozlowski.


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