New Course: A Taste of Inner Freedom

We are delighted to announce a new course where we will be examining the possibility of going beyond our habitual  anxieties and obsessions and discovering our capacity for inner stability. Gradually, in the midst of life’s uncertainties, we can discover the magic of our mind’s hidden potential.

The first sessions revisit fundamental aspects of stabilizing the mind and the rest of the course will be released in the next couple of weeks. This release is also the opportunity to introduce a redesigned course page, which will be progressively brought to other courses.

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If you look at the sea, sometimes the sea is calm, and sometimes it's very rough. But all those waves fall back into the same sea, and in the same way, sometimes our mind is still, sometimes there's a little movement, and sometimes it's extremely turbulent.

If we can just be aware and let that turbulence be, arise, and subside, then its power over us will automatically be limited. A thought only appears in a moment and then disappears. However, when we attach to it, it produces another thought and it becomes a seemingly endless chain. Seemingly, because the chain isn't endless. We may have the idea that our mind goes along deliberate tracks, one thing after another. However, when we examine more closely, we can see that anything can arise.


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New Course: A Taste of Inner Freedom

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