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Unlimited access to the full Imagine Clarity collection. Unique and transformative programs by renowned authors designed for beginners and advanced meditators.

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Really progressive, very suitable for beginners or experienced people, thank you Mathieu 👍

Raphaël, Google Play

I have been a subscriber for several years and I meditate almost every day, always with great pleasure. Many thanks for your commitment.

Pierre-André, France
Great App, Amazing content

Fantastic app filled up by professionals in the field to give you the best teaching in meditation and self awareness.

Alex O', Belgium

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your app which is a determining tool in helping me become a better person.

François, Canada
Ideal for starting meditation

I donʼt know if this application can change the world, but it changed the way I was seeing it.

Kupskull, France

One of the best meditation apps ever.

Hobat Singh
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Allégresse 2000
Au fond de la nuit 1964
Aube 1976
Achieving inner freedom, cultivating the inner conditions for well-being, and fostering compassion are some of the most important aspects of meditation.
Matthieu Ricard
Let your awareness be as neutral as space and as bright as a well-polished mirror. You are observing the face of your own mind, with all its blemishes, scars, and beauty marks. This is a direct path to self-knowledge.
Alan Wallace
Just to sit and engage with your own mind is something wonderful. Through accepting to be simply present with yourself you can become more open to others.
Charles Hastings

What’s Included?

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Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness
Why Should I Meditate?
Why MeditateCCFree
On What to MeditateCC
What Meditation is NotCC
How to Meditate?
How to MeditateCC
Specific GuidanceCC
Training the Mind for Genuine Happiness
Connection Between Meditation and Genuine HappinessCCFree
Turning the Mind Toward MeditationCC
What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness PracticeCC
Practice of Caring MindfulnessCC
A Passionate Case for Altruism
Introduction to AltruismCC
Essential Qualities in LeadershipCC
Introduction to Inner Calm
Introduction to Inner Calm and Deeper InsightCC
Mindfulness of the BreathCC
Counting BreathsCC
Mantra PracticeCC
Deeper Insight
Deeper Insight and EgoCC
Deeper Insight and MindCC
What is a Spiritual Path?CC
Meditations on Altruism
Meditation on Altruistic LoveCC
Meditation on CompassionCC
Joy, Celebration and GratitudeCC
A Sublime ExchangeCC
Mindfulness of Breathing
Mindfulness of the BreathCC
Diverse Breathing TechniquesCC
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Introduction to the Four Foundations of MindfulnessCCFree
Intro: Mindfulness of the Body 1/2CC
Mindfulness of the Body 2/2CC
Intro: Mindfulness of Sensations 1/2CC
Mindfulness of Sensations 2/2CC
Intro: Mindfulness of the Mind 1/2CC
Mindfulness of the Mind 2/2CC
Intro: Mindfulness of Phenomena 1/2CC
Mindfulness of Phenomena 2/2CC
Contemplative Inspirations
Appreciate the Precious Human LifeCCFree
Make the Best Use of TimeCC
Recognize the Causes of Happiness and SufferingCC
Resolve to ChangeCC
Observe Without GraspingCC
Walk MindfullyCC
Concentrate on an ObjectCC
Cultivate AwarenessCC
Concentration on an Object As Taught by Dilgo Khyentse RinpocheCC
Meditation and Everyday Life
How to Develop a New Way of BeingCC
Meditation and Everyday LifeCC
Overcoming ObstaclesCC
Meditation and EducationCC
Meditation and HealthCC
Meditation in the WorkplaceCC
Dealing with Physical PainCC
Mediation and CreativityCC
Meditate Day by Day
Meditation Practice Foundations
Taming the Mind
Discovering the texture of your mindFree
Taking your seat
Entering into meditation
Observing your thoughts
The present moment
Bringing the mind back
Taking time to just be
Acquiring Stability
Here and now in this body
Counting the Breath
In-breath and out-breath
Coming back
Persistence and relaxation
Walking meditation
Mindfulness and Presence
What is mindfulness?
Scattering and sinking
Mindfulness and vigilance
Finding your way
Calm and insight
The river
Understanding thoughts and emotions
Caring Mindfulness
Finding your warm heart
Cultivating altruistic love
Caring needs mindfulness
Freeing yourself from negative reactions
Powerful motivation
Powerful meditation
Powerful dedication
Awakening the Heart
Exercises for a kind heart
Introduction to Exercises for a kind heartFree
Feeling your body
Simple presence
Into the world
Love and happiness
The dynamics of altruistic love
Experiencing the dynamics of love
Love, the starting point
Difficult emotions and difficult people
Changing the lens
Awakening compassion
Expanding compassion
Joy and Impartiality
Your Toolbox
Stop for a moment
Being in contact
A regular moment
Finding your spot
Little spaces in your day
It’s a training!
No matter who you are
What’s happening?
Cultivating a kind heart
Everyday kindness
Kind-heartedness in solitude
Small acts of kindness
Stability in a crowd
Negative judgements
Inner stability in a turbulent world
When negativity surrounds us
Everyday Meditations
Simple mindfulness of the breathing — short
Simple mindfulness of the breathing — long
Counting the breaths — short
Counting the breaths — long
Awareness of the body — short
Awareness of the body — long
Mindfulness of breathing with bells — short
Mindfulness of breathing with bells — long
Knowing Yourself to Know the World
Baby mind?
Sadness as a friend
Who are you?
Expansion and contraction
Stability and Clarity
The meditative posture
Relaxed and alert
Balanced attention
And thoughts?
A simple presence
Understanding thoughts
Exploring habits
A Taste of Inner Freedom
Alertness and relaxation
Focusing then pausing
Leaving the mind as it is
What is Happiness?
Uncertainty and Certainty
Group meditation
Welcome & Intro
Group meditation
Meditation Q&A
Great Insights Through Mindfulness
Mindfulness of Breathing
Introduction to Mindfulness of BreathingFree
Body and posture of balanceFree
Effortless silence
Mind and present moment
Attentional Stability
Continuity of attention
Stability of attention
Vividness of Attention
High-resolution of attention
State of Balance
Observing the Mind
The space of the mind
Observe without preference
The actors of the mind
The stage of the mind
A Boundless Heart
A realm of possibilities
The Awareness of Awareness
Oscillating Awareness
Probing the Agent
Resting in the Center
Extending Awareness into Space
Meditations on Conative Intelligence
The heart’s desire
Receiving from the world
An evolution of the spirit
Offering to the world
The Four Applications of Mindfulness
Mindfulness of the Body
Four elements of the body
Body scanning
Beyond appearances
Mindfulness of Feelings
Body feelings
Mental feelings
The naked nature of feelings
Internal and external feelings
Mindfulness of the Mind
Objective appearances to the mind
Subjective impulses of the mind
The emptiness of the mind
Watching the mind externally
Mindfulness of Phenomena
Mental states
Mental activities
Appearances arising at the doors of perception
Awareness of outer phenomena
Introducing your Child to Meditation
Course introductionFree
Listen to the sound of the singing bowlFree
Walk without letting your bowl of water spill overFree
Feel your body from head to toe with the help of a little featherFree
Feel your cuddly toy as it moves back and forthFree
Count your breathsFree
Think of all the children in the worldFree
Open your heart to the wonderful moments of your dayFree
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