A Path of Insight: Mindfulness of the Body (1/4)

To fundamentally heal stress and uproot afflictions of the mind, one needs insight into the nature of reality. In Sanskrit, this is called vipaśyanā. There are many forms of vipaśyanā or insight meditation. A classical one is the four foundations, or four pillars of mindfulness (known as satipaṭṭhāna in the Pali language). It is to gradually become mindful of our body, our sensations, the workings of the mind, and phenomena at large. We are delighted to bring new additional practices on this topic with the guidance of Matthieu Ricard.
What is Mindfulness?
An indispensable tool to achieve the union of wisdom and compassion.

—Matthieu Ricard

By successively bringing mindful attention to the body, feelings, mind states, and the totality of physical and mental events, these practices offer skillful means:
  • to ensure that mindfulness embraces every possible component of our perception, thoughts, and whatever may come through our mind so that nothing is left out of the sphere of mindfulness;
  • to keep the practice alive and fresh by using different objects of focus, thus preventing us from falling into dizziness or boredom.

You are be invited to explore these foundations weekly, one by one, to encourage you to familiarize yourself with each of the themes. The aim is that you enter into the experience of insight, again and again, saturating the mind. This week's theme is Mindfulness of the Body.
Mindfulness of the Body

We invite you to listen to the introductory video followed by the Mindfulness of the Body practices. We also encourage you to watch the What is Mindfulness? course to refresh your awareness of the theme. Finally, for a deep exploration, please discover the advanced Mindfulness of the Body practices.
We hope you will learn step by step to be more attentive to your body during this week. Whenever possible, you can enjoy your mindfulness of the body practices outdoors. For example, while walking, simply be aware that you are walking. When your foot touches the ground, be aware that your foot touches the ground... We wish you many subjective insights and mindful moments!
If you have specific questions regarding your practice or the Imagine Clarity app, do not hesitate to contact us!
With warm wishes,
The Imagine Clarity team
Photo: Matthieu Ricard.


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