A Path of Insight: Mindfulness of the Mind (3/4)

In the past weeks, you have been invited to explore Mindfulness of the Body and Mindfulness of Sensations of the Four Pillars of Mindfulness.
The third application of mindfulness is the mindfulness of the mind. That means to learn gradually to be mindful of whatever is in the space of your mind. 
The mind is a bit like a meadow: you cannot see the water flowing under the grass, even if it is constantly flowing there. So most of the time, even if there is no gross distraction, more subtle distractions occur.

—Matthieu Ricard
The mindfulness of the mind practices allow you to become mindful and aware of every aspect of what the mind is doing, whether it is gross or subtle, or whether the mind is for a while resting in stillness.
An important part of this practice is investigating if specific mental states dominate the mind. For example, if the mind easily manifests anger or irritation in normal life, we usually immediately identify with it. We focus on the object of anger, we think about it, and we act upon it. By increasing mindfulness through practice, however, the possibility of choice is presented. We learn to be more aware and choose between identifying with the event or being mindful. Do we want to act upon the anger, or do we simply want to observe it? We have an option.
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Photo: Matthieu Ricard.
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