New loving-kindness practices

We are happy to share two new practices from Alan Wallace focused on the development of benevolent states of mind, which you will find under the title A Boundless Heart.
The word for loving-kindness in Sanskrit is maitri, or metta in Pali, which is related to the word for a “friend”. A prosaic translation for this word is simply “friendliness”. In English, friendliness describes a mode of behavior—a friendly way of behaving. That’s certainly a component of the meaning intended in the new practices, but loving-kindness is primarily a quality of the mind, although of course, it expresses itself in behavior.
In these practices loving-kindness is directed towards oneself is a preamble to cultivating loving-kindness for all beings. There are good reasons for beginning this practice with ourselves. Nowadays when we are stressed or having low self-esteem, the constant stream of surface thoughts may be strongly negative. This prevents getting in touch with a deeper feeling of wholeness. To get in touch with the deeper peace and love inside oneself leads to a more profound understanding and appreciation of our interconnected nature.
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