New Awareness of Awareness Practices

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the advanced course Awareness of Awareness, part of the program Great Insights Through Mindfulness. Building upon increasingly subtler skills, in these last two sessions the practitioner is invited to apply awareness even more closely to awareness itself, in order to gain insight into the nature of the mind.
This awareness of awareness could be also described as “Shamatha without a sign”, with the attention having no vector to point to. For instance during the "warm up" exercise of directing awareness in the four directions, the aim is not to visualize these four directions but to expand the space of awareness itself.
Due to the precise nature of these meditation guidances, it is strongly recommended to first be well familiarized with Dr Wallaces' course Mindfulness of Breathing, which will let you train the mind for presence, clarity and mental agility. Building upon that, the Observing the Mind course aims to help settle the mind in its natural state. The Four Applications of Mindfulness offers as well more opportunities for exploration and discoveries on the nature of our existence.
The Deeper Insight course by Matthieu Ricard likewise discusses how to cultivate Vipashyana, or deeper insight, into the nature of the mind and the world, first through detailed analysis, then through inner experience.
We believe that these courses, progressively building upon each other, will keep you engaged for a long time and also nourish enthusiasm in your daily lives!
My view is as vast as space but my attention to actions and their effects is finer than grains of barley flour.
—Padmasambhava (eighth-century Indian contemplative)
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