Thrangu Rinpoche's monastery, atop the hill of Namo Buddha, Nepal, January 2009. Photo: Matthieu Ricard.

Train your mind for clarity

Train your mind for wisdom

Train your mind for resilience

Train your mind for deeper insight

Train your mind for inner peace

Train your mind for inner freedom

Train your mind for inner strength

A comprehensive range of meditation techniques for beginners, advanced meditators, and those who feel ready for a deep dive.

“Transformative” … “Extraordinary” … ”Majestic”


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Imagine Clarity

Photo: Matthieu Ricard

Learn with world-class instructors.

They combine two traditions: 21st century neuroscience with 25 centuries of mind training wisdom.

Photo: Matthieu Ricard

Dive into comprehensive programs

carefully crafted to accompany you for years to come, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

“Dawn” by Yahne Le Toumelin, 1976.

Get support and inspiration.

Enrich your daily practice with readings, artistic paintings, nature photographs, and thoughts of the day.

Afternoon light on Himalayans hills, Namo Buddha, Nepal, January 2008. Photo: Matthieu Ricard.

Welcome to Imagine Clarity.

Whether you approach meditation from the perspective of health, personal transformation, or the development of mindfulness, clarity and compassion, mind training is an essential factor for leading a balanced life.

Why meditate? How to meditate? What is genuine happiness? What is the nature of the mind? Imagine Clarity covers it all with guidance covering a broad range of beginner-friendly and advanced meditation techniques.

Learn why and how to meditate

Access key inner resources for resilience and wellbeing. Matthieu Ricard, humanitarian, Buddhist monk, bestselling author, photographer, and scientist unifies two traditions: 21st-century neuroscience and 25 centuries of mind training wisdom. He insists on the potential of meditation and details the essence and methods underlying each technique.

Why Meditate with Matthieu Ricard

Turn your meditation practice into a daily habit

Establish your daily practice with a full program of beginner-friendly meditation courses. Charles Hastings, drawing on six decades of experience, offers progressive meditations enabling us to discover our rich innate potential.

True happiness is a state of resilience which enables us to deal in a positive way with all the ups and downs of life. Through meditation and mind training we can learn to have the clarity, stability, and positive attitude which enable us to do that.
Meditation practice foundations with Charles Hastings

Plunge deep into the mind

For those who feel ready for a deep dive. A comprehensive, progressive program of Shamatha and Vipashyana courses for experienced meditators led by Dr. B. Alan Wallace, author of erudite Buddhist and scientific works. To uproot afflictions of the mind, one needs insight into the nature of reality.

I welcome you on this journey. It is one the greatest adventures we can embark on: a journey into the very nature of our own existence from the inside out.
The Awareness of Awareness with B. Alan Wallace

A rich collection of video lectures, guided meditations, art, and more.

  • Video Lectures

    On why and how to meditate, explaining in detail the reasons, methods, techniques and potential of meditation.

  • Guided Meditations

    Practice daily with a wide range of beginner-friendly and more advanced Shamatha and Vipashyana meditation techniques.

  • Contemplative Inspirations

    Get reminded of the preciousness of human life, and find support in difficult times with precise and concise audio reflections.

  • Thoughts of the Day

    Start your day by contemplating on essential aspects of your contemplative journey. Be inspired by words of wisdom.

  • Artworks and photographs

    Celebrate nature and beauty with stunning photographs by Matthieu Ricard and abstract lyrical artworks by painter Yahne Le Toumelin.

  • Meditation timer

    Choose your silent meditation session length and keep track of your progress. Revive your practice with optional interval bells.

  • Reading materials

    Go further with session summaries and articles on meditation, neuroscience, and integrating meditation into your busy life.

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