Thrangu Rinpoche's monastery, atop the hill of Namo Buddha, Nepal, January 2009. Photo: Matthieu Ricard.

Train your mind for clarity

Train your mind for inner calm

Train your mind for inner peace

Train your mind for inner freedom

Train your mind for deeper insight

Train your mind for altruistic love

Train your mind for compassion

Train your mind to rejoice

Train your mind for equanimity

Train your mind for resilience

Train your mind to be focused

Train your mind to be still

Train your mind to be present

Train your mind to just be

Learn how to train your mind and flourish in life. Start meditating and develop your inner peace and inner strength.

“Transformative” … “Extraordinary” … ”Majestic” …

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Imagine Clarity

Photo: Matthieu Ricard

Learn with world-class instructors

combining over sixty years of experience under the guidance of some of the great meditation masters of our era.

Photo: Matthieu Ricard

Dive into comprehensive programs

carefully crafted to accompany you for years to come, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

“Dawn” by Yahne Le Toumelin, 1976.

Get support and inspiration.

Enrich your daily practice with music, readings, artistic paintings, nature photographs, and thoughts of the day.

Afternoon light on Himalayans hills, Namo Buddha, Nepal, January 2008. Photo: Matthieu Ricard.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It is thus definitely desirable to achieve an optimal state of mind.

By training the mind through meditation we can increase our wisdom and key qualities, such as inner peace, clarity, compassion and mindfulness. The more we develop these inner qualities, the more inner space we have for wellbeing, resilience and sense of purpose. This is also the way to bring about more compassionate leaders and better human beings.


Learn why and how to meditate

Access key inner resources for resilience and well-being in the 21st century with an inspiring collection of uplifting video teachings by Matthieu Ricard, speaker on altruism, caring mindfulness and caring economics at World Economic Forum and the United Nations, and a leading researcher on neuroscience and meditation.

Why Meditate with Matthieu Ricard

Turn your meditation practice into a daily habit

Establish your daily meditation practice and unlock your inner potential for kindness, clarity and compassion with step by step mindfulness audio guidance by Charles Hastings. Suitable for complete beginners, and experienced meditators aiming to refresh their practice with essential guidance on wisdom, resilience and inner peace.

Plunge deep into the mind

Explore a full program of progressive courses for experienced meditators with comprehensive Shamatha and Vipashyana practices led by Dr. B. Alan Wallace. For those who feel ready to plunge straight into a deep investigation of the mind. To uproot afflictions of the mind, one needs insights into the nature of reality.

The Awareness of Awareness

Explore music and life as a work of art

Join us for a unique discovery of the meditative approach by Maria João Pires, one of the world's top pianists. Maria offers us a deep insight into the world of art, creativity, mindfulness and classical music, and puts us in touch with what is most essential in our being and our potential for living a meaningful and compassionate life.

Creative Journey

A rich collection of video lectures, guided meditations, concerts, workshops, and more.

Meet Your


Matthieu Ricard
B. Alan Wallace
Maria João Pires
Charles Hastings

Matthieu Ricard

Wisdom, Compassion, and Happiness

Matthieu Ricard, humanitarian, Buddhist monk, bestselling author, photographer, scientist, speaker at the Davos World Economic Forum and UN combines and unifies two traditions: 21st century neuroscience with 25 centuries of the wisdom of mind training.

B. Alan Wallace

Great Insights Through Mindfulness

Dr Wallace has a worldwide reputation as a meditation guide, as an erudite scholar and translator of ancient Buddhist texts, and as a prolific author on the relationship between ancient mind-sciences and the findings of modern research.

Maria João Pires

Creative Journey

A world-class pianist, Maria has devoted herself since the 1970s to reflecting on the influence of art on life, community and education, trying to discover new ways of establishing this way of thinking in society.

Charles Hastings

Meditate Day by Day

Charles studied Oriental Languages at Cambridge University. Guided by eminent teachers, he has spent 8 years in contemplative retreats. He has been practicing meditation since the age of 17 and sharing his knowledge and experience for over 20 years.

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