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Meditation courses for beginners, more advanced practitioners, and those who feel ready to plunge straight into a deep investigation of the mind.
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Welcome to Imagine Clarity!
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Meditation, Wisdom and Inner Resources

Imagine Clarity is all about carefully crafted content designed to support true beginners and advanced meditators alike. It combines the scientific aspect of meditation, Western phenomenology, and Eastern wisdom in collaboration with outstanding experts and artists. Imagine Clarity is designed to develop your wisdom, clarity and inner strengths. Meditators usually practise with Imagine Clarity for several years.
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Reach new heights in your life

Imagine Clarity offers progressive secularised meditation and mindfulness courses. You may stay weeks or months with the same practices at a time until you feel more settled in with new inner skills. And after a while, by returning to the same meditation course, you may discover new nuances and insights as your practice has developed in depth.
Tribute to Handel, 1989, by Yahne Le Toumelin.

Inspirations for every day

Respect for nature and the planet are core values of Imagine Clarity. The app highlights Matthieu Ricard’s and Alan Kozlowski’s stunning nature photographs, a lyrical selection of artworks by painter Yahne Le Toumelin and a selection of ‛thoughts of the day’ from its authors.

Support for Your Practice

Imagine Clarity has been crafted to accompany your voyage of discovery of your mind and its potential. The team often receives detailed positive feedback and practice-related questions. We give careful thought answers to support your meditation techniques and practice. Don't hesitate to contact us!
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What they say

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Thanks Imagine Clarity crew. These are real jewels you have here. Matthieu thanks a lot man. After reading your books I found this app with your meaningful, eloquent reflections and meditation instructions. I have used it for a few weeks now and I feel like I found a treasure chest! All the best!

Marko, Google Play

Thank you for this sensational course, so clear, so INTELLIGENT.

I am looking forward to the next part.

Catherine, Mauritius

With much thanks for providing this beautiful resource. I’m confident that Imagine Clarity is helping increase happiness and reduce suffering, because it has helped me!

Johanna, United States

Your companionship this year has brought me calmness, alertness, and (dare I say it) clarity in amounts I cannot measure. To sit with you each morning steadies me as the sun rises and the water boils. Before other matters rise up, as they must, I savor my time in your presence.

With gratitude for the benefit you bring to me and so many others in the world.

Kevin, United States
Absolutely the best meditation app out there

I have tried a few and this one is the winner. The UX is simple and doesn't have any fancy features, although is well organized and has beautiful pictures, extra resources, and a helpful tracker/stats + timer. But what truly matters, the content, is just excellent. The people behind the scripts, structure, and narrative are serious mediators themselves with a profound understanding of the subject. The guided meditations go beyond the feel-good approach of other apps and provide insightful instructions and sufficient explanations. I highly recommend it.

Adrian, Canada

I have been a subscriber for several years and I meditate almost every day, always with great pleasure. Many thanks for your commitment.

Pierre-André, France

Please know that daily guidance and training from everyone at Imagine Clarity is how I begin each day and I am truly grateful to each of you!

I am a composer and pianist and I truly enjoy Maria's insights as well.

Best wishes for good health and good luck for the holidays and in the coming year!

Tim, USA
Beautiful, Moving, Transformative

I LOVE Imagine Clarity. The app is visually beautiful and easy to navigate, and the depth of learning available is incredible. If you invest 20-30 minutes a day regularly you can really learn some teachings few people ever encounter and bring powerful positive change to life. Headspace is a brightly coloured cartoonish pond, wide but shallow. Imagine Clarity is a pastel impressionist Loch, deep, majestic, full of meaning. If you’ve used Headspace in the past but run out of new teachings in the main meditation section, then look no further than Imagine Clarity to continue your journey.

This app is hands down the best meditation app for anyone serious about learning to meditate and they are two of the most knowledgeable and talented …

RΛИDØM, United States
I didn’t know I needed this

Thank you so much for creating this app. I use it twice a day, at the beginning and end of the day. After a month, I already find that the quality of my interactions with my spouse, child, and coworkers has measurably improved.

I have been sleeping better, probably because of my reduced anxiety about these interactions! I have been meditating for eight years now, but without adequate instruction, I now realize. The right intention is everything, as you’d said. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

mlnsantos, United States

This is in my collection of best things I have discovered in my life and I decided that's not the last. How precious and beautiful! Thank you for doing this. Literally: fundamentally life changing.

Kitty Cat

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