Mindfulness of Sensations: A Path of Insight (2/4)

This week we return to the second of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, a theme initially highlighted in our previous news post: A Path of Insight: Mindfulness of the Body.
Insight Through Sensations

First, with the Mindfulness of the Body practices guided by Matthieu Ricard, we reflect on the body to relax and ground ourselves in physical presence. This provides the necessary grounding to progress to a second more subtle mindfulness practice directed to our sensations that can be explored with the Mindfulness of Sensations course. Learning to apply mindfulness to sensations is beneficial. Our mind consists of an endless series of thoughts and feelings feeding on our presence.
Try to investigate the very nature of sensations. Isn't it the same awareness that perceives them all without being affected by them? Try to find out.

—Matthieu Ricard
The challenge with a (strong) attachment to sensations and feelings is that everything around us is constantly changing, most of it being out of our control, but this is very difficult to recognize. Please see the advanced Mindfulness to Feelings course by Dr Alan Wallace to continue progressing on your path. 
The cultivation of discerning mindfulness is designed to yield greater insight into our own bodies and minds, our relationship with other people around us and the world at large.
 —Alan Wallace
The Role of Insight

The four key pillars of mindfulness—of the body, feelings, mental events, and all phenomena—are classic Vipashyana practices. To (re)reflect on cultivating Vipashyana and terms like ego, absolute truth, and emptiness, please explore Matthieu's Deeper Insight course.
We have to deal with our mind from morning until night and our mind in the end determines the quality of every moment of our existence. If knowledge of the mind's true nature and mechanisms can decisively influence our quality of life, it is worth investigating. If we do not examine our own mind, if we fail to understand it, then we remain a stranger to ourselves.
—Matthieu Ricard
Best wishes for your practice! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Photo: Matthieu Ricard.
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