Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness

Follow Matthieu Ricard’s video course for detailed explanations on how to meditate and train your mind, and the place of meditation in daily life and the world.

Training the Mind for Genuine Happiness

2 reflections
Genuine happiness is explored as a cluster of key qualities, such as inner peace, altruism and strength of mind.

What is Mindfulness?

2 reflections
An indispensable tool to achieve the union of wisdom and compassion.

Why Should I Meditate?

3 reflections
How to identify the potential we have within ourselves for key human qualities like inner peace, inner freedom, compassion and resilience.

Introduction to Inner Calm

4 reflections
Inner Calm is introduced through a series of breathing techniques for training the attention and achieving a clear and focused state of mind.

A Passionate Case for Altruism

2 reflections
Matthieu makes a robust argument that altruism, the genuine concern for the well-being of others, could be the saving grace of the 21st century.

How to Meditate?

2 reflections
How does meditation unfold? What kind of mind training should one consider? How can obstacles be overcome?

Deeper Insight

3 reflections
Guidance on how to cultivate vipashyana, deeper insight into the nature of the mind and the world. Deeper insight is acquired first by detailed analysis of consciousness, then through inner …

Meditations on Altruism

5 meditations
Matthieu demonstrates how to cultivate some of the most fundamental human qualities: altruism, loving-kindness, compassion and joy.

Mindfulness of Breathing

2 meditations
Mindfulness of breathing meditations from Matthieu Ricard’s book “The Art of Meditation”.

Contemplative Inspirations

9 contemplations
Contemplations from Matthieu Ricard’s “The Art of Meditation” and other sources. Take a few minutes to let yourself be inspired.

The Spiritual Path

1 reflection
Love and compassion—the two faces of altruism—are the cardinal virtues of human existence and the heart of the spiritual path.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

1 reflection8 meditations
Develop an all-embracing mindfulness practice and stay engaged over longer periods of time. With further guidance from “The Art of Meditation”.

Meditation and Everyday Life

5 reflections
Meditation can support and enrich the activities of our daily life, whether it is dealing with anxiety, caring for our health, in the workplace, or in the education of our children. By training our …

Great Insights Through Mindfulness

For experienced practitioners and those who feel ready to plunge straight into a deep investigation of the mind. This rich set of progressive meditations was studied in a major research program at UC Davis.

A Boundless Heart

2 meditations
We need loving-kindness to make decisions and to act in ways conducive to one’s own and others’ genuine happiness.

Conative Intelligence and Flourishing

4 meditations
Training the mind in a range of desires and aspirations oriented toward one’s own and others’ happiness.

Observing the Mind

4 meditations
Settle the mind in its natural state as you observe the space of the mind without preference.

The Awareness of Awareness

4 meditations
Your knowledge of being aware may be the most certain knowledge you have. It is the knowing of knowing, the awareness that awareness is happening, right here, right now.

Mindfulness of Breathing

10 meditations
Training the mind for presence, clarity and mental agility

The Four Applications of Mindfulness

15 meditations
Cultivating insight through mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind, and phenomena

Meditate Day by Day

Complete beginners can learn to meditate step by step. An excellent reinforcement for more experienced meditators too. The development of stability and mindfulness and the fostering of kindness and compassion need to go hand in hand. You will learn methods for approaching all kinds of situations through the practice, even the most difficult.

Meditation Practice Foundations

28 meditations
A comprehensive course of daily guided meditations. The first step is to simply be present and aware of what’s going on inside from moment to moment.

Knowing Yourself to Know The World

5 meditations
In this series of meditations and contemplations we challenge our everyday assumptions to open up more spacious perspectives.

Awakening the Heart

15 meditations
Training in kindness and compassion.

Everyday Meditations

9 meditations
A series of simple meditations for those who have completed the foundation course or already have a basic knowledge of how to meditate.

Stability and Clarity

7 meditations
This series returns to some essential points that will allow us to stabilize the mind. When the mind becomes calm we can see its inner workings more clearly, and catch a glimpse of the depths below …

Creative Journey

A unique discovery of the meditative approach with Maria João Pires, one of the world’s top pianists. Maria offers us a deep insight into the world of art, creativity, mindfulness and classical music, and puts us in touch with what is most essential in our being.

Piano workshop for amateur students

5 excerpts1 workshop
Advice to refine your piano practice

Meeting Point

2 discussions
Dialogues about composers, music and nature

Life and Music

10 reflections3 discussions
Explore music and life as a work of art. Maria João Pires shares her thoughts on daily practice, music education, life, the role of the artist and music appreciation.

Piano workshops for advanced students

25 excerpts5 workshops
Piano workshops for advanced students and young professionals

Concert hall

2 discussions2 concerts10 performances
Maria João Pires and other musicians play an extensive and unexpected repertoire

Introducing your Child to Meditation

A series of simple meditations to practice with young children aged 4 to 8. To meditate means to open the heart and train our mind to be present and fully aware of everything we do. These five minutes of daily meditation will bring parents and children to meditate together. The entire course is free.
8 meditations

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