Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness

Follow Matthieu Ricard’s video course for detailed explanations on how to meditate and train your mind, and the place of meditation in daily life and the world.

By working with the mind, we progressively enhance our appreciation and develop a more realistic and pragmatic understanding of our inner state as well as of the outside world. It is a huge margin for change and transformation. — Matthieu Ricard

Great Insights Through Mindfulness

For experienced practitioners and those who feel ready to plunge straight into a deep investigation of the mind. This rich set of progressive meditations was studied in a major research program at UC Davis.

Indispensable for anyone wanting to understand the mind. — Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California

Meditate Day by Day

Complete beginners can learn to meditate step by step. An excellent reinforcement for more experienced meditators too. The development of stability and mindfulness and the fostering of kindness and compassion need to go hand in hand. You will learn methods for approaching all kinds of situations through the practice, even the most difficult.

Creative Journey

A unique discovery of the meditative approach with Maria João Pires, one of the world’s top pianists. Maria offers us a deep insight into the world of art, creativity, mindfulness and classical music, and puts us in touch with what is most essential in our being.

If you are connected to life, you are connected to art. Living well is an art. —Maria João Pires

Introducing your Child to Meditation

A series of simple meditations to practice with young children aged 4 to 8. To meditate means to open the heart and train our mind to be present and fully aware of everything we do. These five minutes of daily meditation will bring parents and children to meditate together. The entire course is free.

8 meditations

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In a complex world where technology takes an ever-expanding place it is vital to refine our inner perspective and get in touch with the core of our humanity. Imagine Clarity’s unique online courses can bring about a profound and peaceful inner revolution affecting the quality of every moment of our experience.