Meditate Day by Day

A full program of beginner-friendly meditation courses with Charles Hastings. Through mindfulness and compassion, you will learn to approach all kinds of situations, even the most difficult ones.

Taming the Mind

7 meditations
In these sessions, we’re going to go through the different steps of the meditation practice day by day. The first step is to simply be present and aware of what’s going on inside from moment to …

Acquiring Stability

7 meditations
When we start to meditate our mind keeps jumping about. How can we make it more calm? Mental calm is being able to keep the mind focused on an object without letting it run away. To have a clear …

Mindfulness and Presence

7 meditations
Meditation is a way to stabilize our mind, but also a way to know and understand our mind. After an introduction to the basics of meditation we continue with this series of sessions to better …

Caring Mindfulness

7 meditations
Altruism is a real necessity for human society and for the future of our planet. At the same time, developing the qualities of an altruistic mind is a way for each of us to live a more meaningful …

Your Toolbox

19 reflections
The idea of the Toolbox series is to provide resources that will be easily available when the need arises.

Exercises for a kind heart

8 meditations
Getting in touch with our own mind and developing our innate capacity for kindness through direct experience.

The dynamics of altruistic love

7 meditations
Training in love, compassion, joy and impartiality.

Everyday Meditations

8 meditations
A series of simple meditations for those who have completed the foundation course or already have a basic knowledge of how to meditate.

Knowing Yourself to Know the World

5 meditations
In this series of meditations and contemplations we challenge our everyday assumptions to open up more spacious perspectives.

Stability and Clarity

7 meditations
This series returns to some essential points that will allow us to stabilize the mind. When the mind becomes calm we can see its inner workings more clearly, and catch a glimpse of the depths below …

A Taste of Inner Freedom

5 sessions
When we can let go of the rigidity of our habitual wandering mind and our everyday obsessions, we can enjoy the freedom of the mind’s natural spaciousness.

Group meditation

3 sessions
Replay the very first meditation and Q&A hosted online by Charles Hastings from Dordogne, France in the company of Imagine Clarity members.

Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness

Learn to meditate with Matthieu Ricard. Discover a full program of detailed courses on why and how to meditate with the help of different meditation techniques, as well as meditation's role in daily life and the world.

Why Should I Meditate?

3 reflections
How to identify the potential we have within ourselves for key human qualities like inner peace, inner freedom, compassion and resilience.

How to Meditate?

2 reflections
How does meditation unfold? What kind of mind training should one consider? How can obstacles be overcome?

Training the Mind for Genuine Happiness

2 reflections
Genuine happiness is explored as a cluster of key qualities, such as inner peace, altruism and strength of mind.

What is Mindfulness?

2 reflections
An indispensable tool to achieve the union of wisdom and compassion.

A Passionate Case for Altruism

2 reflections
Matthieu makes a robust argument that altruism, the genuine concern for the well-being of others, could be the saving grace of the 21st century.

Introduction to Inner Calm

4 reflections
Inner Calm is introduced through a series of breathing techniques for training the attention and achieving a clear and focused state of mind.

Deeper Insight

3 reflections
Guidance on how to cultivate vipashyana, deeper insight into the nature of the mind and the world. Deeper insight is acquired first by detailed analysis of consciousness, then through inner …

Meditations on Altruism

5 meditations
Matthieu demonstrates how to cultivate some of the most fundamental human qualities: altruism, loving-kindness, compassion and joy.

Mindfulness of Breathing

2 meditations
Mindfulness of breathing meditations from Matthieu Ricard’s book “The Art of Meditation”.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

9 sessions
Develop an all-embracing mindfulness practice and stay engaged over longer periods of time. With further guidance from “The Art of Meditation”.

Contemplative Inspirations

9 contemplations
Contemplations from Matthieu Ricard’s “The Art of Meditation” and other sources. Take a few minutes to let yourself be inspired.

Meditation and Everyday Life

8 reflections
Meditation can support and enrich the activities of our daily life. By training our mind we can have a more coherent life-experience and contribute to a better world.

Great Insights Through Mindfulness

A full program of progressive courses for experienced meditators by Dr. B. A. Wallace. Comprehensive Vipashyana practices, among others, to train your inner experience. To uproot afflictions of the mind, one needs insights into the nature of reality.

Observing the Mind

4 meditations
Settle the mind in its natural state as you observe the space of the mind without preference.

A Boundless Heart

2 meditations
We need loving-kindness to make decisions and to act in ways conducive to one’s own and others’ genuine happiness.

The Awareness of Awareness

4 meditations
Your knowledge of being aware may be the most certain knowledge you have. It is the knowing of knowing, the awareness that awareness is happening, right here, right now.

Meditations on Conative Intelligence

4 meditations
Training the mind in a range of desires and aspirations oriented toward one’s own and others’ happiness.


4 meditations
Practices focused on relaxation, which may integrate with later techniques on attentional stability and vividness in order to establish an optimal mental balance.

Attentional Stability

3 meditations
These practices help to cultivate attentional stability, which is beneficial for calming the mind when it is agitated and restless, and may also synergistically combine with the practices of …

Vividness of Attention

3 meditations
These sessions aim to cultivate vividness of attention, which helps to arouse the attention in case of dullness or tiredness.

Mindfulness of the Body

3 meditations
Getting in touch with the sensations arising throughout the body, we learn to distinguish raw sensations from superimposed mental images and to apply this intimate awareness in interactions with …

Mindfulness of Feelings

4 meditations
With unwavering mindfulness, we learn to see the naked nature of basic experiences arising within the body, the mind, and four other sensory fields. We then apply the same quality of mindfulness …

Mindfulness of the Mind

4 meditations
We closely apply mindfulness to the objective contents and subjective impulses of the mind, and to the empty nature of the space of the mind. We learn to apply this same quality to the minds of …

Mindfulness of Phenomena

4 meditations
We turn our attention to phenomena at large, observing the states of mind and mental activity which disrupt the equilibrium of the mind and distort our modes of perception and conception.

Introducing your Child to Meditation

Simple meditations to practice with young children aged 4 to 8 by Dominique Butet and Marie-Christine Champeaux-Cunin. These five minutes of daily meditation will bring parents and children to meditate together.
8 meditations

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