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Testimonials from Imagine Clarity members

This is in my collection of best things I have discovered in my life and I decided that's not the last. How precious and beautiful! Thank you for doing this. Literally: fundamentally life changing.

Kitty Cat

I have had your app for years and enjoy it thoroughly every day, I meditate over and over again on the same courses and every time I hear something new, or rather, I get a deeper understanding and therefore it seems like I hear something new. It never gets old. Thank you for providing this app... your app has replaced all my older meditation apps. It is simply the best. Thank you.

Julia, Germany

A big thank you for this moment shared with so much kindness and for Imagine Clarity, which I find hard to call an application. It's so much more. I'm happy to be able to put a face to your voices, which have become so familiar over time.

Marie, France
This app is a gem

It has been several months now that I have been on a spiritual path. And after having read several books, including some by Matthieu Ricard, I felt a little lost with all the information I had accumulated. This application has simply allowed me to have a guideline in my practice. I thank you very much for your work. The practices and notions developed should be part of the national teaching.

Benjamin, Google Play

Your companionship this year has brought me calmness, alertness, and (dare I say it) clarity in amounts I cannot measure. To sit with you each morning steadies me as the sun rises and the water boils. Before other matters rise up, as they must, I savor my time in your presence.

With gratitude for the benefit you bring to me and so many others in the world.

Kevin, United States

Imagine Clarity with Matthieu and all of you, has quite literally changed my life over these several years. I have also read four of Matthieu’s books - two of which I’ve read three times.
I can't say enough good things about the organization. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

Penelope, USA

Please know that daily guidance and training from everyone at Imagine Clarity is how I begin each day and I am truly grateful to each of you!

I am a composer and pianist and I truly enjoy Maria's insights as well.

Best wishes for good health and good luck for the holidays and in the coming year!

Tim, USA

With much thanks for providing this beautiful resource. I’m confident that Imagine Clarity is helping increase happiness and reduce suffering, because it has helped me!

Johanna, United States
Reliable and profound

This app is great, especially the content, coming from people who live and believe what they teach. Not just another trendy meditation app, an application to guide you on the path of the transformation of the mind. Thank you.

Philippe2review, Switzerland

Thanks Imagine Clarity crew. These are real jewels you have here. Matthieu thanks a lot man. After reading your books I found this app with your meaningful, eloquent reflections and meditation instructions. I have used it for a few weeks now and I feel like I found a treasure chest! All the best!

Marko, Google Play

I really love the app thanks to you all for creating it!
The photos are soooo beautiful and the voices and information just is all so well balanced and correct. Thanks again!

Roos, The Netherlands

Dear friends of Imagine Clarity, like so many others, I wish to express my deep appreciation for your work and for the teaching I receive through your site. It has already helped me deeply in difficult life circumstances. I just wish I had known you 40 years ago! But better late than never. Thank you.

Véronique, Switzerland

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom on Impermanence. I truly appreciate it. I will be including this guidance in my meditation practice in the weeks and months ahead.

It is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., and I consider Imagine Clarity as a great blessing this year!

Alison, USA

I would like to say thank you for the great work and effort you do and the great care you put into the app, which is a great support in my life over the past many years.

Thomas, Switzerland

The content of this application, with the finesse of the speakers accompanying this course, and their skills, is really a chance to find in oneself these resources so necessary to find moments of happiness. Personal happiness and happiness with others. For others too. Thank you to all of you.

Michel, France

Thank you with all my ♥️ for your beautiful commitment to bring out the hidden treasures in the depths of each and every one of us. Yes, our deepest heart seeks with patience and talent to make emerge and blossom on our faces and in our lives, the goodness and the joy which nestle there and only ask to be expressed.

Patrice, Switzerland

I really like what you propose and the different levels of meditation you propose without being explicit about these. I like this application, it goes to what is essential without promoting well-being at all costs but just "being" as well as possible!

Françoise, France

Thank you for offering kind thoughts and encouragement. I am grateful for the gift you have provided in the form of Imagine Clarity. It has given me guidance and comfort in the face of difficulty and uncertainty! May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. May they find happiness and its causes.

Johanna, United States

I just want to tell you that this journey on emotions is powerful and beautiful 🦋

These contents are of excellent quality, they accompany and support me on my path.

For my heart and mind, thank you 🌱

Céline, France

Thank you very much for all these meditations which are so well made. They are a daily help for me. Thank you for this simple, beautiful and intuitive site.

Isabelle, Switzerland

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