New contemplation on true happiness

In this new session, Imagine Clarity invites you to reflect upon what true happiness means.
Many of us are building sandcastles. We build on something, some idea, some project, some ambition, some ideal situation that we want, which is supposed to bring us happiness.

But of course, everything changes. The thing we might want may not turn out to be what we expected. And just like children's sandcastles that are eventually swept back into the sea, everything is subject to change.

So how do we find a point of stability in the midst of all that? When we see through the certainties that we have imagined or that most people imagine, that gives us a fresh sense of freedom. We are able to let go of things that are useless and relish the magic of the unexpected.
Discover the course: A Taste of Inner Freedom

In our next session, we will be further reflecting on this sense of freedom and resilience we can develop in the midst of life's ups and down through mind training. Stay tuned.



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New contemplation on true happiness

New Course: A Taste of Inner Freedom

The Foundations of Vipashyana

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