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Prepare for the holidays

Benefit from this week's limited offer and share mindfulness inner peace and inner strength with your dear ones. Send Imagine Clarity as a gift and have it delivered for Christmas or New Year.
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Awareness, View, and Conduct

As with any other action, when we begin to practice meditation, it is essential to be sure about our motivation. For it is our motivation—altruistic or self-centered, vast or limited—that will provide a positive or negative direction to our journey and influence its results. When effecting any …
23 days ago

New Awareness of Awareness Practices

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the advanced course Awareness of Awareness, part of the program Great Insights Through Mindfulness. Building upon increasingly subtler skills, in these last two sessions the practitioner is invited to apply awareness even more closely to …
about 2 months ago

At the heart of healing and hope

Compassion as a catalyst: Love and compassion are the cardinal virtues of human existence and at the heart of healing and hope. Discover Imagine Clarity’s courses on compassion and altruistic love.
2 months ago

New advanced course: The Awareness of Awareness

We are thrilled to announce new in-depth meditations with the course Awareness of Awareness as part of the program Great Insights Through Mindfulness.
5 months ago

Inside the Endless Om

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ravi Shankar, the Indian composer, sitar musician, and collaborator of artists like George Harrison. In honour of the milestone, folk-rock singer Johnny Irion has assembled a group of all-stars to record a new song for Shankar, “Inside the …
7 months ago

New Course: Observing the Mind

We are thrilled to announce that a new set of advanced practices are now available in the collection Insights Through Mindfulness under the title Observing the Mind. The Imagine Clarity Insights Through Mindfulness collection lets you practice with the same rich set of secularized practices as …
8 months ago

We are in this together

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Every individual is having, and will have, a different experience of the ongoing global crisis. Whether you are at the forefront or not affected much, we at Imagine Clarity want to contribute by offering a selection of free meditation sessions …
8 months ago

A message for you from Matthieu Ricard

Dear friends of Imagine Clarity, I know that many people might feel disorientated and frightened in face of the epidemic that is affecting many human beings around the world. So yes, we should take all precautions so that we can avoid it becoming a global catastrophe. We are not used anymore to …
9 months ago

What is a Spiritual Path?

Imagine Clarity’s authors offer novel perspectives and tools to help deal with everyday challenges and make sense of the complex world we live in. Today we are excited to share a new talk by Mattieu Ricard titled What is a Spiritual Path?, available to Imagine Clarity subscribers. So far, …
10 months ago

Meditation and everyday challenges

How can our meditation practice help us deal with the particular challenges we face? Each person’s experience is different, and our experiences changes from day to day, year to year, and actually from moment to moment. Within the day you might be happy in the morning, stressed in the afternoon, …
11 months ago

Finding your inner space

Through our meditation practice we gradually discover our inner world. What next? What do you do with the space that opens up when you free your mind a little bit? When you start to see that the world of expectations imposed by family, culture, the world, and even yourself, are just the outer …
12 months ago

Remember your good heart

Mindfulness is being present, and connecting with your good heart. When we meditate we take time to stop and just be. We feel our breathing coming in and going out and listen to our inner world. Mindfulness is remembering—remembering to be present, remembering our good heart. Our inner realm of …
about 1 year ago

Prepare your mind for the holiday season!

As the holiday season approaches there is already a flurry of anticipation. The shopkeepers hoping that this will be a big success story, children dreaming of the presents they will receive, and parents wondering how they are going to deal with it all. The happy prospect of spending time with …
about 1 year ago

You are not alone

Meditation is a voyage of discovery. It is a discovery of one’s own mind, and also a discovery of the world. Through a greater appreciation of the poignant beauty of our world and a greater tenderness towards others we come to see the world in a new way. If we transform our way of perceiving …
about 1 year ago

Making a difference

We may feel overwhelmed by the challenges of climate change, the urgency of a huge transformation of society, from the decisions of politicians right down to our basic daily habits. But as Greta Thunberg says: “You are never too small to make a difference.“ The dominant model of society is one …
about 1 year ago

Finding your flow

Today our meditation may be like a wild stream rather than a smooth-flowing river. But by practicing regularly, and trying to bring that practice of mindfulness into our daily life, we can gradually find a flow of inner calm. We learn to appreciate the present moment and our relationship to …
about 1 year ago

Stillness and turbulence

It’s easy to be relaxed when we’re on vacation but how can we keep our sense of balance in the midst of all the pressures of our stressful daily life? In many countries, after the summer holidays people are now back to work. Hopefully they have had a refreshing break from the usual stress, in a …
about 1 year ago

What reality?

Our experiences are colored by emotions, habits and learned reactions. When we are mindfully aware of our thoughts and emotions as they arise in our mind we can have a clearer understanding of ourselves and the world. Many of us are plagued by anxiety or frustration. Often when we look back at …
over 1 year ago

Clarity, Compassion and Genuine Happiness

As you reflect upon and embrace the fragile nature of our life on this planet, remember the unlimited potential of your mind. In today’s unstable world, our own inner stability is the essential basis to be able to act meaningfully, enjoy our lives, have fruitful relationships, and make our own …
over 1 year ago

Defining your goals

Alan Wallace’s course, Conative intelligence and Flourishing, is now complete. Use it to activate your deepest aspirations for true fulfilment. This vital process will enable you to make life choices based on a clear idea of your values and possibilities. In four sessions, we contemplate four …
over 1 year ago

Walking mindfully

In summer it’s great to stretch your legs and go for a walk in the country or along the beach. Mindful walking can give a new dimension to that experience: being truly in the present moment, creating harmony between your mind, your body, and your surroundings. You can learn this technique with …
over 1 year ago

The spark of creativity

How can we find the spark of transformative freshness that opens up new possibilities? What are the levers of creativity? And how can meditation help to unleash the flow of our creative potential? Discover some answers in our blog: Boredom, meditation and creativity. Creativity needs space. We …
over 1 year ago

How can I train my mind?

A frequent question from our users is how do I meditate, and how can I progress and develop a more mindful, compassionate and altruistic mindset? We recommend using the app’s Favorites feature, which enables you to create your personal learning path. A good start to explore meditation and its …
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Conative intelligence and flourishing

Train the mind in a range of desires and aspirations oriented toward one’s own and others’ happiness with Dr Alan Wallace. The term conation refers to the faculties of intention and volition. For example, the intention to spend more time with one’s children and the intent to lose weight are both …
over 1 year ago

Essential qualities in leadership

Matthieu Ricard explores essential qualities in leadership. Who are the most admired leaders? He discusses how “caring mindfulness” offers a compelling, entirely secular means of benefiting from meditation in the corporate world. This exploration is part of his series of in-depth discussions and …
over 1 year ago

New loving-kindness practices

We are happy to share two new practices from Alan Wallace focused on the development of benevolent states of mind, which you will find under the title A Boundless Heart. The word for loving-kindness in Sanskrit is maitri, or metta in Pali, which is related to the word for a “friend”. A prosaic …
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Meditation Practice Foundations

Each lesson of Charles Hastings’ first course, Meditation Practice Foundations, is now accompanied by a brief introductory description, to help beginners to find their way and those who have already followed the course to come back easily to particular points. ‘Meditation Practice Foundations’ is …
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Thoughts of the day

The home-page of Imagine Clarity has been enriched with more “Thoughts of the Day” from Matthieu Ricard and our other authors, plus a larger selection of the artworks by French painter Yahne Le Toumelin. In her earlier career Yahne le Toumelin was appreciated and exhibited by André Breton as part …
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Events in Montreal

Some news for our Canadian friends! Matthieu Ricard and Maria João Pires are coming to Montreal. There will be a ‘Meeting of Minds’ organized by Karuna Canada in collaboration with Emergences, the organization that has created these events in Belgium for ten years, on the theme “How to take care …