What is a Spiritual Path?

Imagine Clarity’s authors offer novel perspectives and tools to help deal with everyday challenges and make sense of the complex world we live in.
Today we are excited to share a new talk by Mattieu Ricard titled What is a Spiritual Path?, available to Imagine Clarity subscribers.
So far, everything in Imagine Clarity has been shared in the spirit of ‘secular ethics’: how to become a better human being and bring about a more compassionate society.
This new talk, available within the program Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness, explores the topic of spirituality. According to Matthieu, it is a path of transformation: transformation from confusion and bewilderment to wisdom and insight. He explores topics such as suffering, its superficial and deeper causes, the role of meditation and ethics, and the importance of understanding the source of compassion.
Love and compassion—the two faces of altruism—are the cardinal virtues of human existence and constitute the heart of the spiritual path.
—Matthieu Ricard
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