Your sense of direction

With the constant influx of information in today's world, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We can be confused, restless, rebellious, and prone to countless conditioned and automatic thought patterns all at once. Seeing this as our reality can have a huge impact on the quality of our life and cause us to lose our sense of direction. To combat this, the three pillars of meditation offer valuable support.
Motivation, Meditation and Dedication
Imagine Clarity's resources gather around three pillars of meditation of equal importance.
Motivation: You have everything to gain by clarifying your motivation. Ask yourself why you want to meditate. Is it to reduce stress and anxiety or perhaps better understand your purpose and life's meaning? These all are valid reasons. We need time to sit quietly and reflect.  What truly holds significance for me? What are my ultimate aspirations? 
The Why Should I Mediate course aims to assist in clarifying your motivation and inner resources. It explore ways you can train your mind through different meditation techniques and how your meditation path can contribute to a purposeful life. When it comes to purpose, there are a few things to consider. It's unlikely that it will be a singular entity. Rather, your sense of purpose can evolve more profound as you draw from your inner resources. Think about your purpose as synonymous with your vision of the good life, your life's work and your deepest goals. Parley with it before making any important decision.
We often focus exclusively on outer conditions… However, our control of external circumstances is limited, transitory and often illusory. On the other hand, we tend to neglect the ways we translate outer conditions into either happiness or misery.  Such is the power of the mind. This is why it is desirable to cultivate an optimal way of being. 
—Matthieu Ricard in “Why Should I Meditate”
Meditation: Regular meditation is a great strategy to keep you on track and prevent your mind from declining into chaos too often. Imagine Clarity supports beginners and advanced meditators. The courses are crafted to be your tools and be used over and over again. You'll uncover new nuances within as your inner resources become more subtle. Imagine Clarity meditators usually practice with the app more than 3 years. For your inspiration, see What They Say
Dedication: Thirdly as a conclusion for the meditation comes the dedication. Why is it so important to make a bridge between your meditation practice and your daily life? We recommend to implement this advice on how to dedicate your practice.
Then always at the conclusion, like putting the seal, comes the dedication... That gives us momentum to what we have practised; the intention continues... And instead of a snowflake falling onto a hot stone, it becomes a snowflake falling into a big ocean. It will remain as long as the ocean remains. It's immune to disappearing.
—Matthieu Ricard in “Dedication”
We wish you all the best on your meditation path!

The team is here to help with your questions about the app and your practice.
Photo: Matthieu Ricard


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