Practising regularly

As a general rule, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" meditation practice. The Imagine Clarity collection offers different meditation techniques so you can try them out and see which ones work best for you. As you enjoy your practice, you will be able to return to it more regularly, which will make all the difference in the long run. You can stay for weeks or months with the same meditation courses and themes. You can also return to a specific meditation course after a while to find new nuances as your inner resources evolve. We offer a sample of different themes below to inspire your practice!

Beginner-friendly 10 minutes meditations

Start with the month-long Meditation Practice Foundations course. Practice each day with a short 10-minute meditation. You will learn methods for approaching all kinds of situations, even the most difficult ones.

Wisdom collection

For experienced practitioners and those who feel ready to plunge straight into a deep investigation of the mind, Imagine Clarity proposes comprehensive, advanced vipaśyanā courses, for example:

The Deeper insight course discusses how to cultivate Vipashyana, or deeper insight, into the nature of the mind and the world, first through detailed analysis, then through inner experience.

Observing the mind  You will step by step learn to observe mental events and become familiar with their essential nature. These advanced skills are essential for our times. Please read more here.

Four pillars of mindfulness To fundamentally heal stress and uproot afflictions of the mind, one needs insight into the nature of reality. There are many forms of insight meditation. A classical one is the four foundations, or four pillars of mindfulness (known as satipaṭṭhāna in the Pali language). It is to gradually become mindful of our body, our sensations, the workings of the mind, and phenomena at large. Please read more in The two wings: wisdom and compassion.

All Imagine Clarity wisdom practises progressively build upon each other. They keep you engaged for a long time and aim to nourish your enthusiasm in everyday life!
My view is as vast as space, but my attention to actions and their effects is finer than grains of barley flour.
—Padmasambhava (eighth-century Indian contemplative)

Balanced mind and good heart

Imagine Clarity offers resources in the spirit of genuine happiness derived from what we can bring to the world through clarity, inner peace, resilience, and compassion.

Why meditate — The Good and Meaningful Life. At some point, we need to sit quietly and ask ourselves what have our priorities been until now and what we intend to do with the time we have left.

On what to meditate We deal with our mind from morning until evening. Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

What meditation is not — Let's begin correcting some clichés about meditation.

Connection between meditation and genuine happiness — Learn to cultivate a cluster of key qualities such as inner peace, altruism and strength of mind.

What is mindfulness?An indispensable tool to achieve the union of wisdom and compassion.

Turning the mind toward meditation on meditation and everyday life.

Introduction to altruism A passionate case for having more consideration for others.

What is a spiritual path? Explore topics such as superficial and deeper causes of discontent, the role of meditation and ethics, and the importance of understanding the source of compassion.

Meditations on altruism how to cultivate some of the most fundamental human qualities: altruism, loving-kindness, compassion and joy.

The heart's desire What is your vision of a good life? This course lets you train your mind in a range of desires and aspirations oriented towards your own and others' happiness through a fourfold vision.

A Boundless heart We need loving-kindness to make wise decisions and to act in ways to valuable to one's own and others' genuine happiness.

We encourage you to explore and assemble a good sampling of different methods in your personal favorites list. You will gain confidence through regularity and go further on your path of insights. Inner confusion is transmuted into enhanced inner resources, a clearer perception of the direct reality of our experience, and thus a increased ability to skilfully act upon it.

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