Returning to the Vision Quest

We recently invited you to explore your motivation and vision of your path with the help of the four-fold vision quest practices. In the course's first two practices, you reflect on your vision of a good life. How would you connect the dots between where you are today and what would truly bring you a sense of fulfillment and meaning? Please read more here.
We encourage you to continue your reflections and take a moment to carefully consider the next two main themes: How would you love to transform and mature inwardly? What would you love to offer to the world—near and far, in the short and long term? Find the practices and helpful info to support your reflections here: The Conative Intelligence and Flourishing course.
Striving to transform oneself in order to live a better life and help others to live better is a demanding challenge, and there may be moments of discouragement. Imagine Clarity is here to help. The courses aim to encourage you and offer care and inspiration to support your journey towards your inner strengths and resources.
To support your path of discovery, we have recently started to highlight a set of vipaśyanā practices. These classical vipaśyanā practices can fundamentally heal our stress and uproot the usual afflictions of the mind by offering a foundation for profound insights. Please find more info on beginner-friendly or more advanced approaches in the article A Path of Insight Continues.
If you have any questions regarding the app's usage or your practice, we are here. You are not alone!
Imagine Clarity team
Photo: Alan Kozlowski 
9 months ago