The spark of creativity

How can we find the spark of transformative freshness that opens up new possibilities? What are the levers of creativity? And how can meditation help to unleash the flow of our creative potential?
Discover some answers in our blog: Boredom, meditation and creativity.
Creativity needs space. We need moments when we let our mind ‘breathe’. The practice of meditation puts us in deep contact with ourselves and with our life, and opens the door to new horizons of fulfillment. For Matthieu Ricard, the meditation often called “open presence” can be a catalyst for spontaneous inspiration to emerge. Charles Hastings offers a simple introduction to this practice here: A simple presence.
Maria João Pires insists on the importance of listening to the present moment, and constantly keeping a connection between mind and body. Every day she takes mindful walks, being aware of her surroundings, listening to her mind and body:
There’s a moment where this connection between inside and outside is flowing and makes things so much easier.
Listen to Maria here: Flow and Presence.
A tip from Alan Wallace:
Whatever arises simply observe its nature and let it be without seeking to modify or change it in any way… Simply observe the events as they arise from moment to moment. Always fresh, always unprecedented.
We are not all creative geniuses or expert meditators. However, we can create spaces in our day, giving ourselves time for our own reflection, time to listen to our loved ones and to listen to ourselves. Our meditation can become relaxed and spacious so that there is room for transformation. Gradually we can allow ourselves to trust our mind and the potential of what we receive. Could one call this moments of grace?
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