Conative intelligence and flourishing

Train the mind in a range of desires and aspirations oriented toward one’s own and others’ happiness with Dr Alan Wallace. The term conation refers to the faculties of intention and volition. For example, the intention to spend more time with one’s children and the intent to lose weight are both cases of conation, with intention, or a goal, implying a stronger commitment to the action than desire alone.

Discursive meditation

These practices are designed to spend time in discursive meditation. What is practised in Alan’s foundational Mindfulness of Breathing course is nondiscursive: stabilising the mind and bringing vividness to it -marketable skills when progressing towards the discursive meditation.
On the basis of these upcoming practices, conative balance entails intentions and volitions that are conducive to one’s own and others’ well-being.

Psychological Flourishing

A sense of well-being that is not contingent on external or internal stimuli, and is qualified by serenity, joy, and contentment, rather than excitement and arousal. Derives from conative, attentional, cognitive, and affective balance.
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