Finding your inner space

Through our meditation practice we gradually discover our inner world. What next?

What do you do with the space that opens up when you free your mind a little bit? When you start to see that the world of expectations imposed by family, culture, the world, and even yourself, are just the outer casing of your inner life? You can hear your own inner conversations more distinctly. They may be quite different from the projected persona that you and your friends have gotten used to and that you habitually display.

There might be a sense of anxiety at feeling that you are not in sync with the rest of the world, but also a sense of freedom. The arising of thoughts and emotions starts to become more visible. It is as if an inner vista, an inner landscape, was opening up. As if you were suddenly starting to live in an extra dimension.

If you persist in your meditation, patiently allowing the time for the mind to settle, gradually you feel a sense of space in that inner world. That inner spaciousness enables you to feel more space in the outer world. That is the springboard to act with love, accompanied by a sense of freedom. In fact just your tentative inner freedom and the beginnings of stability naturally make a difference around you.

Our desperately confused world needs our compassion. Our disturbed world needs our inner stability. Developing our inner stability gives us the courage to play our part.

To quote Matthieu Ricard:
As influential as external conditions may be, suffering, like well-being, is essentially an interior state. Understanding that is the key prerequisite to a life worth living.
Finding our own resources for inner peace can free us and our potential for fundamental intelligence and unconditional love.

Charles Hastings

All Imagine clarity’s courses help you to develop your own inner resources to become a better person, live a meaningful life and make an authentic positive contribution to the world around you.

Charles Hastings specifically examines the interface between our inner and outer world, in his series of meditations A taste of inner freedom & Knowing yourself to knowing your world

“In these series of contemplations we explore areas of our daily experience that we may have tended to avoid or simply not noticed. A clearer understanding of our own subjective experience naturally transforms our relationships with others and our vision of the world.”

Photo: Matthieu Ricard

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