The Four Applications of Mindfulness

Cultivating insight through mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind, and phenomena.

Mindfulness of the Body

3 meditations
Getting in touch with the sensations arising throughout the body, we learn to distinguish raw sensations from superimposed mental images and to apply this intimate awareness in interactions with other living beings.

Mindfulness of Feelings

4 meditations
With unwavering mindfulness, we learn to see the naked nature of basic experiences arising within the body, the mind, and four other sensory fields. We then apply the same quality of mindfulness externally to the feelings of those around us—human and non-human alike.

Mindfulness of the Mind

4 meditations
We closely apply mindfulness to the objective contents and subjective impulses of the mind, and to the empty nature of the space of the mind. We learn to apply this same quality to the minds of those with whom we engage, so that their minds become as real to us as our own.

Mindfulness of Phenomena

4 meditations
We turn our attention to phenomena at large, observing the states of mind and mental activity which disrupt the equilibrium of the mind and distort our modes of perception and conception.