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I didn’t know I needed this

Thank you so much for creating this app. I use it twice a day, at the beginning and end of the day. After a month, I already find that the quality of my interactions with my spouse, child, and coworkers has measurably improved.

I have been sleeping better, probably because of my reduced anxiety about these interactions! I have been meditating for eight years now, but without adequate instruction, I now realize. The right intention is everything, as you’d said. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

mlnsantos, United States
To all seekers of meaning,

pioneers of inner peace and world peace, pilgrims for a better world to bequeath to future generations, I can only ardently recommend the Imagine Clarity app. With the accompaniment of its unique, knowledgeable, rigorous and loving guides who wonderfully combine their skills in the service of everyone’s progress, this site becomes more accessible and inspiring from the first day on. I can only advise with conviction to dive into this wonderful odyssey with the Imagine Clarity. I entered this app as one enters religion: with devotion.

Souad Filal - Psychologist, Writer - Morocco

I have had your app for years and enjoy it thoroughly every day, I meditate over and over again on the same courses and every time I hear something new, or rather, I get a deeper understanding and therefore it seems like I hear something new. It never gets old. Thank you for providing this app... your app has replaced all my older meditation apps. It is simply the best. Thank you.

Julia, Germany

My infinite thanks for all the practices and explanations you offer. Thanks to all this, I have established a new quality of life with myself and others. I wouldn't want to go back or stop my practice for anything in the world.

Cyril, France
Absolutely the best meditation app out there

I have tried a few and this one is the winner. The UX is simple and doesn't have any fancy features, although is well organized and has beautiful pictures, extra resources, and a helpful tracker/stats + timer. But what truly matters, the content, is just excellent. The people behind the scripts, structure, and narrative are serious mediators themselves with a profound understanding of the subject. The guided meditations go beyond the feel-good approach of other apps and provide insightful instructions and sufficient explanations. I highly recommend it.

Adrian, Canada

This is in my collection of best things I have discovered in my life and I decided that's not the last. How precious and beautiful! Thank you for doing this. Literally: fundamentally life changing.

Kitty Cat

I've only been meditating with you for 2 weeks, but already I'm hooked!... it's a really great site, and I'd like to thank my meditation teacher for this discovery! Finally, a high-quality meditation app! I've tried several of them, but without realizing it, I've been waiting for this one, which is far superior to the others: much more qualitative, combining audios that are a little theoretical (but it's so good to get back into the context of why we meditate and deepen our practices!) and meditations of all levels, all in a refined and aesthetic environment. The presence of Mathieu Ricard and other top-notch speakers doesn't spoil anything; on the contrary, it gives us the impression that they're only talking to us, privileged students! …

Corinne, France

Jeanne, a friend, left this world yesterday. She was 95 years old. For several years we had been meeting every Thursday to practice meditation with Imagine Clarity. She was a Christian and has been very interested in Buddhism for the past six years. Suffering from a generalized cancer, I witnessed how her meditation practice brought her great psychological relief and a significant decrease in pain. Her doctor was the first to be surprised. In this way, Matthieu, Charles, and Alan became part of her “family of the heart”. Jeanne was a person who spent her life helping others. With Imagine Clarity, she found the oxygen that allowed her to end her life with great joy as well as answers to her questions. So I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do! Thank you for helping people like Jeanne and everyone else. Long live Imagine Clarity.

Antoine, France
The best meditation app of all I have tried

As an experienced meditator with thousands of hours of meditation, I have tested many apps. Imagine Clarity is my absolute favourite. The interface is beautiful and once you navigate to the content, that is where the superiority lies. Ranging from meditations for the beginner, to advanced meditations by the best scholars of the practice, you find the tools you need for the different situations and emotional states one encounters in life.

Mm 1122, App Store Portugal

I want to say thank you for the great work and effort you do and the great care you put into the app, which has been a great support in my life over the past many years.

Thomas, Switzerland

Your companionship this year has brought me calmness, alertness, and (dare I say it) clarity in amounts I cannot measure. To sit with you each morning steadies me as the sun rises and the water boils. Before other matters rise up, as they must, I savor my time in your presence.

With gratitude for the benefit you bring to me and so many others in the world.

Kevin, United States

I have been a subscriber for several years and I meditate almost every day, always with great pleasure. Many thanks for your commitment.

Pierre-André, France
Ideal for starting meditation

I donʼt know if this application can change the world, but it changed the way I was seeing it.

Kupskull, France
This app is a gem

It has been several months now that I have been on a spiritual path. And after having read several books, including some by Matthieu Ricard, I felt a little lost with all the information I had accumulated. This application has simply allowed me to have a guideline in my practice. I thank you very much for your work. The practices and notions developed should be part of standard education.

Benjamin, Google Play

One of the best meditation apps ever.

Hobat Singh

I’m really only contacting you to thank you and your team and Mr Ricard for working on putting this app together. I have read a couple of Mr Ricard’s books but this adds a new dimension to my meditation practice and I am very grateful to be able to benefit from this resource.

Edward, United Kingdom
Beautiful, Moving, Transformative

I LOVE Imagine Clarity. The app is visually beautiful and easy to navigate, and the depth of learning available is incredible. If you invest 20-30 minutes a day regularly you can really learn some teachings few people ever encounter and bring powerful positive change to life. Headspace is a brightly coloured cartoonish pond, wide but shallow. Imagine Clarity is a pastel impressionist Loch, deep, majestic, full of meaning. If you’ve used Headspace in the past but run out of new teachings in the main meditation section, then look no further than Imagine Clarity to continue your journey.

This app is hands down the best meditation app for anyone serious about learning to meditate and they are two of the most knowledgeable and talented …

RΛИDØM, United States

Please know that daily guidance and training from everyone at Imagine Clarity is how I begin each day and I am truly grateful to each of you!

I am a composer and pianist and I truly enjoy Maria's insights as well.

Best wishes for good health and good luck for the holidays and in the coming year!

Tim, USA

I am truly "excited" about your sessions. I am at "beyond appearances" that I have been repeating for several days.
Little by little at the rate of some 25 to 30 minutes per day, but also in spontaneous moments, intended or not, meditation takes place in my life. And when I say my life, I should say our life. That is to say, what it is in my relationships with others.
Gone is the anxious tendency, the nervousness, the stress. Gone are the anxiolytics, which I got rid of little by little. It had started after a depression and a beginning of relapse. I felt that it was the moment. Afterwards, we'll see.
A certain serenity comes to me, in my relationships with others. More listening, more appeasement sown in the relationships. Can I say …

Michel, France

Thank you for this sensational course, so clear, so INTELLIGENT.

I am looking forward to the next part.

Catherine, Mauritius

I have just finished the course Elements of Human Flourishing, really exciting!
A big thank you to all your team for this richness, I did not know this word, eudaemonia, now it will be part of my vocabulary :)

Especially, a big thank you to Charles for his encouraging words and his answer to my last question about breathing during meditation, I haven't yet managed to find a good routine for meditating so at least, whenever I have a moment, I take a break in awareness, even if it lasts a few seconds. I also feel my heart opening, discreetly, very slowly, but what a joy when I realize that!

Claudia, Switzerland

A big thank you for this moment shared with so much kindness and for Imagine Clarity, which I find hard to call an application. It's so much more. I'm happy to be able to put a face to your voices, which have become so familiar over time.

Marie, France
Such a powerful tool

Imagine Clarity is such a powerful tool. I have developed clarity of mind, desire of heart and determination of body. I progressed at my own pace, but with enthusiasm and patience. Today, I am myself without artifice or fear. Imagine Clarity is a faithful friend and a daily discipline. Do not hesitate to tap into this magical resource and offer it to others. Let’s be attentive, conscious and authentic for a better and more caring world.

With all my gratitude. Thank you.

Zakia, France
An application that is well worth its price

I have been trying to practice mindfulness meditation for a year. I have an account in many applications in the Apple Store, and along my path I feel the benefits that this practice can bring me. I was missing a real apprenticeship to be perfectly in tune. I found it with Imagine Clarity. Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU for your work. My contribution through the paid subscription is little compared to the benefit I get from your application.

Pommelyane, France

With much thanks for providing this beautiful resource. I’m confident that Imagine Clarity is helping increase happiness and reduce suffering, because it has helped me!

Johanna, United States

Thank you for this "Toolbox", very useful in our daily life. Since a few months, my wife joined me in the meditation sessions. We do a session together every morning. I must admit that our relationship has completely changed thanks to you. I started more than 4 years ago, I am now 79 years old and my wife is 81. One can start at any age.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the benefits you bring to us every day.

Jean-Marie and Denise, France
Reliable and profound

This app is great, especially the content, coming from people who live and believe what they teach. Not just another trendy meditation app, an application to guide you on the path of the transformation of the mind. Thank you.

Philippe2review, Switzerland

Thanks Imagine Clarity crew. These are real jewels you have here. Matthieu thanks a lot man. After reading your books I found this app with your meaningful, eloquent reflections and meditation instructions. I have used it for a few weeks now and I feel like I found a treasure chest! All the best!

Marko, Google Play
The essential guide in your pocket

It is stunning. After reading a good number of Matthieu's books I never suspected he had more to offer. 'Imagine Clarity' is the extra dimension like the extra coats of varnish that add luminescence to a Stradivarius violin. You are kidding yourself that you are too far along to benefit from 'Imagine Clarity'. Best for beginners and well-worn travellers alike. It is the Dojo of developing wisdom heart and wisdom mind. If you can gain enlightenment by staring at your phone, Matthieu Ricard's 'Imagine Clarity' is the surest path. The money spent is nothing compared with what you get for the price of admission into 'Imagine Clarity’..., Canada

Imagine Clarity with Matthieu and all of you, has quite literally changed my life over these several years. I have also read four of Matthieu’s books - two of which I’ve read three times.
I can't say enough good things about the organization. Thank you for all you do for all of us!

Penelope, USA