Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard, humanitarian, Buddhist monk, bestselling author, photographer, scientist, speaker at TedTalks, Davos World Economic Forum and United Nations, combines and unifies two traditions: 21st century neuroscience with 25 centuries of mind training wisdom.

Matthieu reminds us that change is possible and urges us not to underestimate the capacity we have to transform our minds and achieve inner freedom. He guides us through a variety of meditation techniques ranging from mindfulness and compassion to dealing with emotions and the nature of the mind. These instructions, inspired by the wisdom of his teachers, help us cultivate the inner resources needed to successfully face the ups and downs of life.

Matthieu Ricard’s original, widely-exhibited photographs from forty-five years of residence in the Himalayas accompany the entire app. These inspiring images bear witness to his experiences in the natural landscape and the inner beauty of the people he has encountered.

Matthieu Ricard’s proceeds from the sale of app subscriptions support Karuna-Shechen, a humanitarian organization he co-founded to provide primary health care and education for underserved communities in India, Nepal and Tibet.

“Meditation is essential for training the mind. It can deeply change the way we experience the outer world and the way we relate to others.”
Matthieu Ricard

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