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Testimonials from Imagine Clarity members

Dear friends of Imagine Clarity, like so many others, I wish to express my deep appreciation for your work and for the teaching I receive through your site. It has already helped me deeply in difficult life circumstances. I just wish I had known you 40 years ago! But better late than never. Thank you.

Véronique, Switzerland

I wanted to thank you for all the work your team has done to make this application possible.

As a meditator for many years, I have had the opportunity to take your annual subscription twice and have recommended your application to several people.

The content you offer is invaluable and rare in the meditation application market. The various speakers offer teachings and provide a presence that are both perfect.

Théo, France

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom on Impermanence. I truly appreciate it. I will be including this guidance in my meditation practice in the weeks and months ahead.

It is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., and I consider Imagine Clarity as a great blessing this year!

Alison, USA
Best meditation app there is

In trying to maintain a daily practice, I've tried most (maybe all) of the mediation apps available. This one, for me, has been perfect. It provides teachings and insights that refresh and bolster one's commitment; you get practical teachings and guided meditations alongside even more detailed videos and audio segments explaining WHY we do these things in a particular way, and how everyone benefits from these processes. It's inspiring.

denseweed, United States

I would like to say thank you for the great work and effort you do and the great care you put into the app, which is a great support in my life over the past many years.

Thomas, Switzerland
Exceptional content

Incredibly good value to learn compassionate meditation and deeper insight from world renowned masters - every day! I have been using this app for over 2 years, at first irregularly and now twice a day. The benefits of this practice aids my relationships with others and my understanding of myself. I'm very grateful and happy that there is plenty of content to keep me learning and engaged for many years to come.

SunflowersInTheSun, Australia

After some time away, I am glad to return to your beautiful application, without ever having lost sight of it. I have been wandering around a bit lately, looking for new ways to meditate. I have also been looking for guides but have not found one that suits me.
So, I come back to you and to the teachings you offer, I particularly appreciate those of Matthieu and Charles. I had made progress with Mr. Wallace but at a certain stage it became difficult, a bit like starting to learn Chopin studies hihihi!
I thank you very much for the beauty and quality of your application, for your constancy too, it is so reassuring in our very agitated times.

Claudia, France

The content of this application, with the finesse of the speakers accompanying this course, and their skills, is really a chance to find in oneself these resources so necessary to find moments of happiness. Personal happiness and happiness with others. For others too. Thank you to all of you.

Michel, France
Genuine Meditations & Teachings

Authentic based on altruism and creating a better mind, relationships, community and world. Highly recommend this app.

Smithyg79, Australia

Thank you with all my ♥️ for your beautiful commitment to bring out the hidden treasures in the depths of each and every one of us. Yes, our deepest heart seeks with patience and talent to make emerge and blossom on our faces and in our lives, the goodness and the joy which nestle there and only ask to be expressed.

Patrice, Switzerland

I really like what you propose and the different levels of meditation you propose without being explicit about these. I like this application, it goes to what is essential without promoting well-being at all costs but just "being" as well as possible!

Françoise, France

The best of meditation because of the root of goodness, kindness and wisdom. Very different from other apps. Very authentic and giving the best fruits of practice. Sometimes, only the majestic pics by Matthieu Ricard, rich in colors and breathtaking landscapes suffice to calm me down. Also I like to listen to meditation +/- 3x before moving on in the program. Each new session is an amazing discovery and I'm glad there's still a long long way to go. You provided quality and lots. Thanks forever.


I have been meditating for many years, or so I thought; however, it is only since I got the Imagine Clarity app that I now realize what meditation really is. This app is changing my life. I would like to thank Mathieu Ricard and all of you from the bottom of my heart for putting this wonderful app together. It is helping me survive in this time of chaos and madness, and I am so grateful to have found it. Thank you again.

Danielle, Canada

Thank you for offering kind thoughts and encouragement. I am grateful for the gift you have provided in the form of Imagine Clarity. It has given me guidance and comfort in the face of difficulty and uncertainty! May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. May they find happiness and its causes.

Johanna, United States
Beautiful photos

Stunning photos on Imagine Clarity! They are just beautiful.

Alison, USA
Quality meditation teaching

The most informative and complete meditation app I know to date.

xarvino, Spain

I just want to tell you that this journey on emotions is powerful and beautiful 🦋

These contents are of excellent quality, they accompany and support me on my path.

For my heart and mind, thank you 🌱

Céline, France

Thank you very much for all these meditations which are so well made. They are a daily help for me. Thank you for this simple, beautiful and intuitive site.

Isabelle, Switzerland

This application is an extraordinary guide to start and persevere on the path of meditation. The videos are clear, simple, short. It is therefore easy to adapt these moments of meditation to our rhythms of life ... Thank you to the whole team.


Really, it is very different from all other mindfulness meditation apps, if only for the advice provided by Matthieu Ricard. It opens wide the field of meditation, after having had all the preliminary advice. It makes me happy, it will allow me to progress more and more.

Olivier, Google Play

I have meditated my way through a rough year and I stand in my light with love in my heart and that has made everything better. I now meditate every morning with my husband (he joined about 250 days ago), so that is great. I have created a support group with about 12 people that send me a text when they are finished and I do the same towards them to keep them at it... they like that very much and I like paying it forward.

So I say thank you for the work you have done and this program is really helpful for a lot of people, I cannot talk about it enough with other people. Love the voices and the love that you bring to the world. Thank you from the depth of my heart for that.

Erla, Iceland
Wonderful app

I’m very glad I bought a subscription to this app. Its teachings are far more in-depth than certain other mindfulness apps. For that reason, I will be sticking with Imagine Clarity for the near future.

Matt McDonald, US
With all my heart

THANK YOU to all the team. I work on the front line with health care workers in Quebec. Your teachings allow me to go through these moments of LIFE with as much peace of mind as possible...For the last few weeks, I have been taking care of the training of doctors and residents, they all tell me about their vulnerability. Thanks to Matthieu's Altruism, I can work on recognizing when I am in emotional turmoil and to move towards altruistic compassion. Automatically, it's like a quietude that sets in and I feel like when I have had a chance to stop the whirlwind and listen to one of your meditations. This allows me, to the best of my ability, to listen to the hundreds of workers who ask for my help...You are like an anchor that allows me to …

Sophie, Canada

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for your work and dedication. Right now I meditate almost every night with Charles' modules and these appointments are a pure joy! I am grateful to be able to benefit from your teachings. Like many people I guess, I need authentic guides. When I listen to you, Charles, Matthieu, I have a great feeling of confidence, of security. I also feel that your teachings are not "cobbled together", that they emanate from an ancestral wisdom. In these troubled times, it is very easy for me to get lost, to be caught up in all sorts of ephemeral attractions. How good it is then to know that there is a way, an ethic, a right and good way of life, a refuge.

Claudia, France

Excellent guides and gradual teaching. So much intelligence and attention given to others. THANK YOU.

Great guides, practical lessons

Some great content, gradually building on the previous lesson. New content added at times. Very helpful to start this lifelong journey.

Tijp6, Australia

Perfect to learn and also to deepen the meditation.

Great App, Amazing content

Fantastic app filled up by professionals in the field to give you the best teaching in meditation and self awareness.

Alex O', Belgium

Really enjoy the app—very important part of my daily life. Thank you to everyone for bringing these essential teachings and guidance into the world.

Suzi, UAE
Could not be better

Thank you for the quality, seriousness and true objectives of this app. I have learned so much and it is so helpful, extremely well directed and the approach and exercises are showing and explaining the evolution.
Could not be better.
Thank you all for your work and for sharing that insight of meditation....

Erwan, Spain

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