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Meditation is a voyage of discovery. It is a discovery of one’s own mind, and also a discovery of the world. Through a greater appreciation of the poignant beauty of our world and a greater tenderness towards others we come to see the world in a new way.
If we transform our way of perceiving things we transform the quality of our life. And that change comes from a mind-training called ‘meditation’.
—Matthieu Ricard
Our courses in Imagine Clarity have been crafted to accompany you on this adventure with clear instructions and accessible exercises to go deeper and deeper. We hope that, as many of our users have found, this training of the mind will enable you to live a happier and more meaningful life, develop a coherent relationship with yourself and a vibrant meaningful relationship with others.
On this journey you are not alone. Did you know that you can ask questions about your meditation and mind training? Charles Hastings, one of our authors, will listen to you and respond as best he can with thoughtful individual advice.
Sébastien, our technical expert, is constantly working to make the app even better, more beautiful, more functional and easier to use. However, if you do have difficulties just send a message via the chat and he will do his best to resolve them.
Unlike any other meditation applications Imagine Clarity also offers Creative Journey, an intimate look at the creative processes of classical music. In this unique discovery of the world of Maria João Pires, the practice and appreciation of art and music are linked to a compassionate and meaningful lifestyle.
Our musical expert, international concert pianist Lilit Grigoryan, is available through the chat to answer your musical questions.
You can open the chat box by clickng on support at the bottom of the page in the web app, then new conversation. In the mobile app menu click about, then contact us.
As the holiday season approaches, have you thought of offering Imagine Clarity as a gift? It could make a big difference for someone seeking for meaning in their life, curious to discover their own mind, or simply wanting to be happy.
3 years ago
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