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Superb application, really! Thank you to all the team for their hard work and the real benefits of doing the exercises regularly.

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I just want to thank you for this fantastic job! After many attempts to meditate regularly, I'm finally being constant. And I'm starting to see benefits for me and for people around me. I'm very happy and entusiastic. Once again, congratulations!

Practitioner from Spain

Certainly the best application to "simply" understand and practice meditation. Recommend without moderation. Thank you Matthieu 🙏💜🙏

Micheline, France
Of immense quality

If I could convince at least one person to subscribe to your site, I would be deeply happy!

I am a subscriber and have a monthly payment, which I really want to keep, your site ? application ? —I don't know what to call it— is of an immense quality and I take advantage of it and share it with a friend who comes to meditate at home from time to time. Thank you so much! 🌷🌹🌸

Chantal, France

Thank you for the gift that is Imagine Clarity.
Wonderful gift.
Priceless gift.
An unhoped-for opportunity to return to our true, clear, loving and caring nature.
I started the Alan Wallace meditation cycle. Such poetry. With its soft progression, it presents us with such clarity and knowledge of the mind!
Special mention for Alan Wallace's inspired and beautiful voice in French 👌🏼
Just the right tone. Just the right silences. Really pleasant.
It adds a lot to the pleasure of coming back to those moments... present moments!
Thanks to him... 🙏

Constance, France

I just want to thank Matthieu Ricard, those who maintain the app and everyone else on the Imagine Clarity team who put the many days, weeks, years into developing this material. The platform and offerings you provide have been a great service to my life and give me hope that I can become a better, wiser, more compassionate person in this world. Thank you for all the inspired, hard work you have done!

Charlotte, USA

Clear and luminous teaching to achieve inner calm... 🙏🌟🙏 ... it's excellent. Thanks to the whole team. Yes, thanks!

Ariane, France
Amazing work

Very happy with the app. I had been practicing since 2015. I was to a point where I felt stuck and not feeling any progress and benefits of meditation. As a New Year resolution in December of 2019 I decided to subscribe to Imagine Clarity. The many books and videos I had watched and read from Matthieu Ricard convinced me that if Imagine Clarity was half as good as his books it must be worth it.

The beginning of the practice using the app was seamless. The app had a quick way to get in touch with the administrators. I had a few questions and Sébastien the admin was amazing. After a while of practicing with the app I was even able to get advice on practice from experienced practitioners. B. Alan Wallace and Maria João Pires are also …

Randy Lambert, Toronto Canada

Thank you for this message from Matthieu Ricard, his words are a great support for my loved ones and me in this difficult time. I can no longer count the times I have been able to progress thanks to Matthieu Ricard's books and thanks to the Imagine Clarity meditation sessions. Meditation is essential right now to keep stability and compassion. Music is also a great comfort. Many thanks to Matthieu Ricard, Charles Hastings, Alan Wallace, Sébastien, Maria João Pires.

Constance, France

I have been meditating with your application for nearly 2 years. Congratulations and thank you for your great work!

Lina, France

Amazing, all and the best teachings of any app I've used. Goes much deeper than most. Keep up good work!


One of the best meditation apps ever.

Hobat Singh

It's a quality application: the content is extremely clear and rich. With the authors' pedagogy, we learn to go to the basics with simplicity and authenticity. This application is the embodiment of love and altruism. With gratitude.

Zakia, Algeria

I take the chance to say a heartful thank you for your work! It’s a bit like sitting with the teachers – and in these bloody corona times your work is a very big support for me – and for all of us. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Annette, Germany

The sessions on Awareness of Awareness and on [Mindfulness of] phenomenas are so clear and going straight to 'the heart', without using too many words. I'd like to thank you all so much for this digital gift! It helps me to use the proper words when I 'guide' our silence meditation in the sangha in Belgium, limiting to the essence of what is helpful.

I try to listen on a regular basis to the meditations of Alan Wallace and I am doing them step by step, starting back again to the basic instructions on breathing. He used the combination of terms relaxation, vividness and stillness in his former sessions on 'mindfulness of breathing' and 'observing the mind'. And the sessions on Awareness of awareness are building so beautifully upon the …

Tine, Belgium

Imagine Clarity is a great help in approaching and practicing meditation daily. After a while, an imperceptible and clearly positive change occurs in our mind, regardless of what is happening, and backing off or giving up is no longer an option. I believe it would even be a great sadness and frustration.

The application is a bit labyrinthine, but it's getting better and better, and there are landmarks to help you find your way around. No matter, we are being tossed around in the realms of wisdom and compassion... Please continue to take us there by guiding us as best you can.

I have already experienced that all the inexhaustible and precious teachings contained in Imagine Clarity must be taken up again and again, as their meaning and …

Hervé, France

Jeanne, a friend, left this world yesterday. She was 95 years old. For several years we had been meeting every Thursday to practice meditation with Imagine Clarity. She was a Christian and has been very interested in Buddhism for the past six years. Suffering from a generalized cancer, I witnessed how her meditation practice brought her great psychological relief and a significant decrease in pain. Her doctor was the first to be surprised. In this way, Matthieu, Charles, and Alan became part of her “family of the heart”. Jeanne was a person who spent her life helping others. With Imagine Clarity, she found the oxygen that allowed her to end her life with great joy as well as answers to her questions. So I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do! Thank you for helping people like Jeanne and everyone else. Long live Imagine Clarity.

Antoine, France
The best uppermost reliable meditation app

I love this app !
1- The content: it is so different from other apps, so outstanding and deep! It’s not only about mindfulness (because you could be a mindful serial killer). It’s about loving-kindness, tenderness, feeling strong, respect, care... And life becomes easier as I train. Because it's based on secular efficient practice and the courses are gradual, I feel safe I will not blow my mind and end up out of this world.
2- The functionalities: they allow me to have a continuity in my practice. When I come back I immediately see where I left it.
3- The generous visuals: Last but definitely not least these astonishing full-screen pictures -taken by Matthieu Ricard?- contribute to feeling relaxed and spacious as soon as I open the …

Dechen Norlha



I am always very happy for this sharing and this communion between us all; in the present climate it is a source of hope. It is a great joy and a deep sense of peace to immerse oneself in these meditations. To feel that we are not alone, in all these events that shake us up and lead us towards a new life.

Nicole, France
Genuine App for Meditation, Mindfulness & Mind training!

I have reviewed more than 100 apps on meditation, mindfulness and training the mind. The depth and clarity of teachings in this app are superlative and unmatched! Developing loving-kindness and compassion are as important as cultivating mindfulness and this is the only app which covers these aspects skilfully... In fact, access to these teachings made available to us freely by this app is priceless. Thank you, IC and the entire core team including the great teachers!


My heartfelt thanks to the Imagine Clarity team, teachers and app. Although I have spent years meditating and knowing there is so much richness to uncover through the mind, finding a path has been most difficult.

Thank you for opening up a universe to explore.

Esther, Australia

Dear friends, I work at the hospital in Switzerland in geriatrics. The situation is starting to get complicated. The young caregivers, doctors and nurses, are afraid and at the same time want to give heart and soul for our patients. I worry a lot for them, I try to be up to the support they need. In this situation meditation helps me enormously and your presence this morning touches me very much. Thank you to you and thank you to Mr. Ricard. Have a beautiful day.

W., Switzerland

I have been a member of a Sangha of one for many years and have been dependent on books and the internet to support my meditation practice, and grow my knowledge of the Dharma. I follow no tradition but lean toward Tibetan Buddhism since I first encountered it in Nepal many years ago. The world now seems full of experts on Buddhism/mindfulness producing books/websites/and of late courses which seem to spring up with monotonous regularity. In short there would seem to be a growing Buddhist industry of varying quality. I would like to thank the Imagine Clarity team for the tremendous support that your course has provided to this lay practitioner, and which has helped me to recapture the wonderful feeling of wellbeing I encountered in Nepal …

Colin, United Kingdom

I had already been meditating previously but Imagine Clarity was more demanding: learning to focus my mind and heart on love has been and remains a challenge, but it has also given me method (the challenge and power of the sublime exchange!).

From that has grown strength to face trauma. It's not finished yet, and there are still difficulties (I am filled with anger some days, and still have flashbacks), but I know how far I've come. My thanks to you for your role in my progress. It's been crucial.

The meditations here are very strong in their effect, and that helped me to find a way to reduce my pain (suffering) during the really bad times; I could quieten my mind, and I learned to use that esp. with respect to flashbacks and panic.

Jeanne, Switzerland

This meditation app has brought me such comfort, strength, and clarity... Even when offline and dealing with life's challenges... Even during the 7 weeks in hospital. What I have learned helped me find quiet safe spaces during a time of fog, pain, confusion, noise, and some unrealistic expectations of others. I am so thankful.

Lizz, New Zealand

Imagine Clarity, my ray of sunshine 😎🙏

Christelle, France

A huge thank you for this wonderful application, my daily meditation is a very important appointment for me, as a gift that I receive with great joy : ) The photos are sublime and the guidance of Charles Hastings clear, sweet and funny sometimes too! All my gratitude to Matthieu and all the wonderful team for making Imagine Clarity exist and spread, a lotus for all : )

Françoise, France

Imagine Clarity, a treasure for beginners and experienced practitioners alike 🙏💜🙏

Micheline, France

Wonderful—thank you for your commitment to providing an excellent resource for people serious about developing their meditation practice.

Suzi, Thailand

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