I am truly "excited" about your sessions. I am at "beyond appearances" that I have been repeating for several days.
Little by little at the rate of some 25 to 30 minutes per day, but also in spontaneous moments, intended or not, meditation takes place in my life. And when I say my life, I should say our life. That is to say, what it is in my relationships with others.
Gone is the anxious tendency, the nervousness, the stress. Gone are the anxiolytics, which I got rid of little by little. It had started after a depression and a beginning of relapse. I felt that it was the moment. Afterwards, we'll see.
A certain serenity comes to me, in my relationships with others. More listening, more appeasement sown in the relationships. Can I say love?
This is not reduced to humans, but also to animals, dogs, cats and everything that makes life around us.
All this, the sessions, listening to the courses, the thoughts of the home page, made me understand that finally, we are born in an "already there" which shapes us, formats us, in the implicit as in the explicit.
And thus, the place of the knowledge of oneself is obscured by all that feeds the thought process, then the next one, then the next one, this permanent rush. And the lack of distancing between oneself and this permanent train of thoughts make it impossible to bring about the necessary perspective, the space, the mindfulness.
It's about getting rid of this mental cage, these permanent injunctions to worry about everything, which do not leave room to return to one's body, to one's sensations, to everything that we live with and that surrounds us.

Michel, France