The sessions on Awareness of Awareness and on [Mindfulness of] phenomenas are so clear and going straight to 'the heart', without using too many words. I'd like to thank you all so much for this digital gift! It helps me to use the proper words when I 'guide' our silence meditation in the sangha in Belgium, limiting to the essence of what is helpful.

I try to listen on a regular basis to the meditations of Alan Wallace and I am doing them step by step, starting back again to the basic instructions on breathing. He used the combination of terms relaxation, vividness and stillness in his former sessions on 'mindfulness of breathing' and 'observing the mind'. And the sessions on Awareness of awareness are building so beautifully upon the former ones, the space of stillness, where there are no thoughts.

Using only the necessary words to guide others during meditation, is for me personally a pure way of bringing over what is the essence, the stillness, the emptiness. So I thank all of you to have developed this beautiful application for worldwide use.

Very grateful,

Tine, Belgium