I've only been meditating with you for 2 weeks, but already I'm hooked!... it's a really great site, and I'd like to thank my meditation teacher for this discovery! Finally, a high-quality meditation app! I've tried several of them, but without realizing it, I've been waiting for this one, which is far superior to the others: much more qualitative, combining audios that are a little theoretical (but it's so good to get back into the context of why we meditate and deepen our practices!) and meditations of all levels, all in a refined and aesthetic environment. The presence of Mathieu Ricard and other top-notch speakers doesn't spoil anything; on the contrary, it gives us the impression that they're only talking to us, privileged students! I'm really telling all my friends and family about this application, it's a great gift to give yourself!

Thanks again, I can't wait to continue my discovery of all these riches!

Corinne, France