Amazing work

Very happy with the app. I had been practicing since 2015. I was to a point where I felt stuck and not feeling any progress and benefits of meditation. As a New Year resolution in December of 2019 I decided to subscribe to Imagine Clarity. The many books and videos I had watched and read from Matthieu Ricard convinced me that if Imagine Clarity was half as good as his books it must be worth it.

The beginning of the practice using the app was seamless. The app had a quick way to get in touch with the administrators. I had a few questions and Sébastien the admin was amazing. After a while of practicing with the app I was even able to get advice on practice from experienced practitioners. B. Alan Wallace and Maria João Pires are also amazing. This is definitively the best meditation app out there. Well worth it. From theory to guided meditations. Amazing.

Randy Lambert, Toronto Canada