Viewing one's life as meaningful

Imagine Clarity authors have been, over the years, key experts and authors in active neuroscientific research on the impacts of meditation, revealing a multitude of benefits for both body and mind. We highlight here some essential findings on the mind and its potential.

First, we highlight a scientific publication about how intensive meditation training promotes positive psychological changes and is linked to higher telomerase, an enzyme important for the long-term health of cells in the body. The take-home message is that meditation directly does not increases telomerase activity. Rather, the effect appears to be attributable to psychological changes that increase a person's ability to cope with stress and maintain feelings of well-being and purpose in life —viewing one's life as meaningful, worthwhile and aligned with long-term goals and values. And in turn, these changes are related to telomerase activity in immune cells, which has the potential to promote longevity in those cells.

The discovery related to telomere in immune system cells -a key player of biological ageing is also explored in TIME's special edition, The New Mindfulness. "The Antiaging Promise of Mindfulness. The breakthrough research suggests that mindfulness practices may lengthen your telomeres. Could that mean a longer, healthier life?"
What is your vision of a good and meaningful life?
As with any other endeavour, when we begin practising meditation, it is good to consider our motivation. Clarifying and refining our intentions can help us reconnect with greater peace. Instead of discouraging us, the obstacles and challenges along the path and around us become catalysts for further progress.

Thank you so much for all your kind messages.

We sometimes get very detailed and beautiful descriptions of how Imagine Clarity can help reconnect with one's inner resources and a sense of purpose.
Dear friends,
I would like to share with you my crush for the Imagine Clarity app.
Twenty years ago, I began a meditation workshop in the desert with 32 meditators around spiritual master Father Philippe Maillard. My goal: to live better. This experience led me to write the book "The Butterflies of the Desert" which is actually the diary of this quest. Since then, I practice solitude - with or without the support of video or audio, or app - but my feeling of satisfaction is mixed as if it lacked a frame, a thread, an orientation, a sense, a light... a guide. Yes, that is it, a guide. Striving to better oneself in a sustainable way in order to live better, and to help others live better, is a colossal challenge where discouragement awaits and can sometimes lead to giving up.

Since I discovered the Imagine Clarity app, things have changed for me. With the support of wise guides, at once demanding and loving... who wonderfully synergize their skills in the service of each one's progress, this undertaking becomes more accessible and very inspiring from the first few days. I saw every exercise, every meditation, every reflection, every article, as a new encounter with myself that activates a mechanism of energy release and inner pacification while gently opening doors and overhead and underground windows which let life do its work within me, breath within me.

With this team of experienced professionals, I felt in good hands, both in confidence and effort. A joyous effort, filled with gratitude, even if the path can be long. The presentation texts of each video or audio are crystal clear and help to memorize the content of the meditations or reflections. In the meditation sessions, the accuracy of the voice, the examples' visually evocative power, the subtlety and depth of each sentence, the balance between speech and silence, everything is carefully weighed to gradually bring about an awakening of consciousness. The photo illustrations are sublime, the layout of the program offers a well designed and clear, step by step progression, which leaves the meditator the freedom to come and go from one theme to another, from one guide to another, from one document to another.

To all seekers of meaning, pioneers of inner peace and world peace, pilgrims for a better world to bequeath to future generations, to all those who aspire to an elevation of consciousness, I can only advise with ardour and conviction to dive into this wonderful spiritual odyssey with the Imagine Clarity app. I entered this app as one enters religion: with devotion.

Yours sincerely,
Souad Filal (Psychologist, writer), Morocco.

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