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This week we invite you to continue your exploration of your fundamental inner resources with a focus on three techniques of Mindfulness of Breathing. Through breathing, which is so closely linked to the nervous system, the body can thus restore its own balance, heal, and regain its vitality. Stillness of body, speech and mind help to sustain both a deep sense of relaxation and of vigilance.
Rather than being an end in itself, relaxation serves as the basis for a balanced state of mind, in synergy with the qualities of stillness and vigilance. This synergy in turn helps overcome attention deficit and attention hyperactivity, imbalances which are both endemic to modern society. These sessions are pertinent whether you are dealing with immediate stress or whether you seek to transform the mind in the long term. Listen to the introduction of the Mindfulness of Breathing course.
In the midst of the movements of thoughts and images, there is a space of awareness in which you can rest in the present moment. This is the union of stillness and motion. It is direct path to self-knowledge.
 - B.A. Wallace on Mindfulness of Breathing 

To celebrate the spring season, subscribe to Imagine Clarity with a special offer of €5/month valid on new yearly web subscriptions until April 22, 2022. This discounted price remains applicable as long as your subscription is active. Your account can be accessed from the Web, iOS and Android apps. Inspiration for different types of meditation courses can be found here.

Listen with subtitles

Would you need some hearing aid? Are you unsure whether it is Vipashyana you heard? Now the entire Wisdom, Compassion and Happiness program is available with subtitles. These should be automatically enabled, and can also be turned on/off through player controls.
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I would like to thank Matthieu, Charles and Alan for their pedagogy, erudition and benevolence. Their courses are for me more than precious, they are an indispensable help. They made me realize the extent of the ruminations, the responsibility we have with all living beings, the notions of cause and effect, the necessity to be present with what we do. For the past three years, your daily classes have been wonderful. I warmly recommend your courses to all my friends.
—Françoise, France
1 month ago
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