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The home-page of Imagine Clarity has been enriched with more “Thoughts of the Day” from Matthieu Ricard and our other authors, plus a larger selection of the artworks by French painter Yahne Le Toumelin.
In her earlier career Yahne le Toumelin was appreciated and exhibited by André Breton as part of the surrealist movement. Her later work was closer to the lyrical abstraction of Georges Mathieu and Zao Wou-ki, involving vibrant direct expression through broad uncorrected gestures.
Forty years ago Yahne surprised the art world by becoming a Buddhist nun, pursuing the same path as his son Matthieu Ricard in Darjeeling, India. Later she returned to painting in her native Brittany and then in South West France, where she quietly combined her meditative life with artistic creation. Some of her most iconic works belong to this period. Now in her nineties, she still delights all who meet her with her warmth and joyous spontaneity.
Painting: Heart’s drop, 1989, by Yahne Le Toumelin.
2 years ago

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