Prepare for the holidays

For this holiday season like no other, offer inner peace and inner strength to your loved ones.
This week, the team is happy to offer a year's Imagine Clarity subscription at €4 per month - a savings of 27%*. This discount remains applicable as long as your subscription is active.
Subscribe for €4/month
With the holiday season approaching, take advantage of this offer and send inner peace and strength to your loved ones. Send Imagine Clarity as a gift and have it delivered for Christmas or New Year.
Send as a gift for €4/month
*This limited time offer expires on Sunday, November 29th, 2020 and is only available on new yearly subscriptions through the web. The app can be accessed on the web, iOS and Android with the same account.
An application that is well worth its price
I have been trying to practice mindfulness meditation for a year. I have an account in many applications in the Apple Store, and along my path I feel the benefits that this practice can bring me. I was missing a real apprenticeship to be perfectly in tune. I found it with Imagine Clarity. Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU for your work. My contribution through the paid subscription is little compared to the benefit I get from your application.
To all seekers of meaning, pioneers of inner peace and world peace, pilgrims for a better world to bequeath to future generations, I can only ardently recommend the Imagine Clarity app. With the accompaniment of its unique, knowledgeable, rigorous and loving guides who wonderfully combine their skills in the service of everyone’s progress, this site becomes more accessible and inspiring from the first day on. I can only advise with conviction to dive into this wonderful odyssey with the Imagine Clarity. I entered this app as one enters religion: with devotion.
The essential guide in your pocket
It is stunning. After reading a good number of Matthieu Ricard's books I never suspected he had more to offer. 'Imagine Clarity' is the extra dimension like the extra coats of varnish that add luminescence to a Stradivarius violin. You are kidding yourself that you are too far along to benefit from 'Imagine Clarity'. Best for beginners and well-worn travellers alike. It is the Dojo of developing wisdom heart and wisdom mind. If you can gain enlightenment by staring at your phone, Imagine Clarity is the surest path. The money spent is nothing compared with what you get for the price of admission into 'Imagine Clarity’...
Photo: Matthieu Ricard.
3 months ago

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