How can I train my mind?

A frequent question from our users is how do I meditate, and how can I progress and develop a more mindful, compassionate and altruistic mindset? We recommend using the app’s Favorites feature, which enables you to create your personal learning path. A good start to explore meditation and its potential to train your mind would be to add the following sessions for your favorites.
In Matthieu Ricard’s first video courses How to Meditate and Training the Mind for Genuine Happiness, Matthieu explains the benefits of mind training and introduces a variety of meditation techniques. He explores the inner conditions for authentic well-being and how to overcome obstacles that can slow your progress on mind training. Genuine happiness is explored as a cluster of key qualities, such as inner peace, altruism and strength of mind.
To back these up Matthieu asked his friend Charles Hastings to devise a series of simple progressive meditations based on the notion of “caring mindfulness”, in which kindness and compassion are at the heart of mindfulness right from the start. Meditation Practice Foundations, a one-month course of 10 minute meditations, exactly follows Matthieu’s approach.

Key term: Genuine Happiness

Happiness is an optimal way of being, an exceptionally healthy state of mind that underlies and suffuses all emotional states, allowing us to embrace all of life’s joys and sorrows. It is not a temporary state of euphoria or a pleasant sensation, but a way of life deeply rooted in the pursuit of wisdom and compassion leading to inner freedom, inner strength, and mental clarity.
2 years ago

Conative intelligence and flourishing