Finding the Moment

Alan Kozlowski is a photographer, filmmaker, cinematographer, and music producer. He was filming Matthieu Ricard’s first English video recordings for Imagine Clarity in Southwestern France at Yahne Le Toumelin’s beautiful art studio. Surrounded by a magnificent landscape, it was an extraordinary film set filled with wisdom and art. Here he focuses his camera with the assistance of Imagine Clarity founder Heidi Sederholm. Alan sums up his approach in an inspirational and meaningful way.
Alan has been at the forefront of innovation in film making for which he has received extensive recognition. In 1984 Alan co-founded Pacific Ocean Post, a leading film and television post-production studio in Santa Monica, California. Under Alan’s leadership, Pacific Ocean Post helped bring home the Visual Effects Oscars for Independence Day (1997), Titanic (1998) and What Dreams May Come (1999). In 2002 Alan created On The Path LLC, a performing arts center, gallery, and multimedia production facility in Santa Monica. Through his continual travel, deep exploration, extensive relationships, vivid imagination, and unending curiosity Alan Kozlowski remains to this day… on the path of discovery.
2 years ago

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