Essential qualities in leadership

Matthieu Ricard explores essential qualities in leadership. Who are the most admired leaders? He discusses how “caring mindfulness” offers a compelling, entirely secular means of benefiting from meditation in the corporate world. This exploration is part of his series of in-depth discussions and meditations on altruism and the potential of mind training at the individual level to solve our time’s challenges.
We all suffer from being stuck in a so-called normal state. What we want is not some extraordinary state, some supranormal faculties; there’s an optimal state, which best expresses and actualizes our capacities. That is a huge margin for change and transformation.
—Matthieu Ricard

Caring, compassionate leadership

Caring leadership aims at meeting the sustainability goals of the any enterprise or corporation without harming society and the environment, while providing adequate livelihood for those working within it. These goals ideally serve the greater good by proving useful tools and services for humanity to prosper in meaningful ways while conserving resources for future generations.
2 years ago

New loving-kindness practices