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What is Imagine Clarity?

Imagine Clarity helps you develop authentic happiness and a meaningful life through mindfulness and meditation, with humanitarian, author, scientist and Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard and other experienced authors.

The app currently contains:


  • "How to Meditate?": Matthieu explains the benefits of mind training and introduces a variety of meditation techniques. He explores the inner conditions for authentic well-being and how to overcome obstacles that can slow your progress on mind training. Matthieu provides specific guidance and encouragement on how to overcome obstacles and bring meditation into daily life, drawn from his own 45+ years of experience. Rich with visual examples and opportunities to meditate along with Matthieu.
  • "Mindfulness, Meditation and Genuine Happiness": Matthieu introduces us to the concept of mindfulness with a series of breathing techniques for training attention to achieve a clear state of mind. Genuine happiness is explored as a cluster of key qualities, such as inner peace, altruism and strength of mind.
  • "Meditations on Altruism": Matthieu demonstrates how to cultivate some of the most fundamental human qualities: altruism, loving-kindness, compassion and joy. He makes a robust argument that altruism, the genuine concern for the well-being of others, could be the saving grace of the 21st century.
  • "Deeper Insight": Matthieu provides guidance on how to cultivate vipashyana, deeper insight into the nature of the mind and the world. Deeper insight is acquired first by detailed analysis of consciousness, then through inner experience.


There are many approaches to mindfulness available today. The particularity of Imagine Clarity is that it comes from the heart of the tradition of Great Mindfulness and Compassion upheld by some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our age, translated into the most simple terms that anyone can follow, without any requirement of prior knowledge, experience or belief.

To get deeper into the processes of meditation, you can listen to and meditate on key points from Matthieu's book The Art of Meditation.

At Matthieu's request, Charles Hastings has created a course of ten-minute daily meditations presenting these methods in a way that is easily accessible to anybody, and consisting of four modules: Taming the Mind, Acquiring Stability, Mindfulness and Presence, and Caring Mindfulness. Charles believes that even if you have never meditated before or found it difficult in the past, this will enable you to meditate. Experienced meditators have also found these meditations useful.

This course is followed up by a second course by Charles Hastings with a hands-on approach to developing altruistic kindness and compassion, starting from the fundamental warm-heartedness that anyone can feel.

Imagine Clarity also offers an opportunity to share the experience of meditation with your young children, under the guidance of Dominique Butet co-author of the book Yupsi le Petit Dragon with Marie-Christine Champeaux-Cunin.

And finally, you can now learn with Dr Alan Wallace to develop attentional relaxation, stability, and clarity. These methods, which are the exact same ones as those used in the major scientific study on intensive mindfulness and meditation where he was the lead expert and meditation teacher, are suitable for beginners by their conciseness and close guidance, but also target advanced practitioners by the depth of their content. This Imagine Clarity mind-training offers an array of meditation practices designed to enhance one's attentional, emotional, and meta-cognitive abilities. Altogether four methods will be highlighted in this course: mindfulness of breathing, observing the mind, awareness of awareness, and the cultivation of benevolent mental states.

Other features

  • Thought of the Day: words of wisdom to support your journey;
  • Timer: to support your silent non-guided practices;
  • Progress: track the amount and duration of your sessions;
  • Blog: articles on meditation in daily life.

Social good

Compassion in Action: Learn about our non-profit partner Karuna-Shechen. Matthieu Ricard donates the author proceeds from the app to support Karuna-Shechen, the non-profit partner he co-founded to alleviate poverty and enhance health care and education in Nepal, India and Tibet.

On which platforms is Imagine Clarity available?

Imagine Clarity is available on the Web, iOS, and Android. The Web platform can be accessed from most smartphones, tablets and computers. The app can also be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Which languages are available and how to find them?

Imagine Clarity is available in English and French.

The language of the Web app can be changed through the menu. The iOS/Android versions currently take the device's system language, which can be changed through the system settings.

I just signed up, where should I start?

We recommend to familiarize with the app with our introductory content:

Also have a look at our blog articles and finally, why not have a break using the silent meditation timer?

Then, if you appreciate the content and wish to dive deeper, please subscribe to access all the content. This will allow you to learn more about meditation and establishing a daily practice.

How to subscribe and pricing

Subscribe directly through the web app for the best price. The subscription gives you unlimited access to the bilingual English and French content on web, iOS and Android. Your subscription is directly managed by the Imagine Clarity support team.

I just subscribed, where should I start?

Start by discovering Matthieu Ricard's Learn videos. These are meant to be watched in order. This way, you will hopefully start by understanding the benefits of a dedicated practice. We suggest to take the time to listen carefully to each video and even watch them several times as needed and reflect on them in your daily life.

Then, to practice meditation every day, jump into the Foundation Series, starting with module 1 "Taming the mind".

These daily guided meditations are easy to follow, even if you are a complete beginner. They will help you to establish your own regular routine, day after day.

If you have any questions regarding your daily practice, we provide one-on-one guidance through the app. We're happy to help you!

How can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription from the settings page. In case you need help, contact us by clicking here.

Can I offer Imagine Clarity as a gift?

Sure! Click here for more information.

How can I upgrade from a monthly to a yearly subscription?

You can upgrade your monthly web subscription from the settings page. In case you need help, contact us by clicking here.

Is the payment system secure?

Payments on our web platform are processed by Stripe. Your credit card information does not transit through our servers, and is only used in the context of your active subscription.

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How can I be kept informed about new content and features?

You are automatically subscribed to our email newsletter when signing up. If you have unsubscribed, contact us by clicking here and we'll add you back.

If you receive one of our messages in your spam box, marking it as non-spam will help ensure that the next messages reach your inbox.

Regards from the Imagine Clarity team

We hope that the Imagine Clarity app will help you on your journey toward wisdom, mindfulness, compassion and resilience. As you reflect upon and embrace the fragile nature of our life on this planet, remember the unlimited potential of your mind.

What our users say:

I cannot thank you enough for the immense blessing Imagine Clarity is to myself and I’m sure, to many others. And I sincerely hope that I find within myself the strength to practice your recommendations throughout life –with devotion and dedication.
–Sajan from Oman
It's MAGNIFICENT!!! Thank you for this. I look forward to continuing to look, consult, think, meditate, improve my daily life, along with the people around me and beyond, to become a better person.
-Claudia, Switzerland
This new version is amazing by the design but also by all the content.
-Romain, France
Love the app and all the amazing content.
-Mette, Denmark

We hope you find this new version of the Imagine Clarity app useful. We appreciate your feedback and welcome ideas on how to improve it! Thank you.

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