New course: Elements of Human Flourishing

What comes to mind when we think of happiness? Imagine Clarity is happy to announce the first installment of a special course titled Elements of Human Flourishing. This term refers to eudaimonia, which in the works of Aristotle and in the ancient Greek tradition was considered to be the highest human good. What is your vision of a good life?
Follow along with us every day as we progress with this first installment over the next days. We will be focusing on Conative Intelligence, referring to our wise desires and aspirations. This theme is explored with the support of ~10 min in-depth lectures, reading resources and daily challenges. The aim is to offer tools to clarify your intentions, desires and motivations, as these direct our journey and define the course of our lives. Striving to transform oneself to live better and help others live better is a demanding challenge, and there may be moments of discouragement. Elements of Human Flourishing is here to help. We wish to encourage you on your journey towards your inner strengths and resources.
What is conative intelligence? The ability to discern which desires and intentions truly lead to one's own and other's well-being. Our existence here is one of profound interdependence. As we pursue our happiness, we pursue freedom from suffering, we do so with the explicit awareness that our own happiness, our own suffering is entangled with, interrelated with, those around us.
B. A. Wallace in Elements of Human Flourishing
This first installment is just the beginning, with more to follow.
Welcome and join us!
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