Creative Journey with Maria João Pires

Creative Journey explores how Maria’s compassionate and creative approach to life, music and sharing with others interacts with her experience as a pianist and her sensitive interpretation at the highest levels. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for piano lovers and a revelation for everyone …

Listening to life

Maria João Pires
3 reflections
If you are connected to life, you are connected to art. Living well is an art.

Life as a musician

Maria João Pires
3 discussions
Practice, concerts, being in shape, and the musical education of future musicians and of children in general school. Discussions with composer, conductor and musicologist Cesar Viana.

Listening to music

Maria João Pires
3 reflections
What do we need to understand music?

Piano practice and performance

Maria João Pires
4 reflections
Reading the score and facing the audience

Piano workshop for amateur students

Maria João Pires
6 sessions
Advice to refine your piano practice

Mozart Sonata in F major, K.280 (I)

Maria João Pires
5 sessions
A piano lesson with Lilit Grigoryan on the first movement of the W. A. Mozart F Major Sonata, KV 280, focusing on style, phrasing, articulation, rhythm, tempo and relation between right and left hand.

Mozart Sonata in F major, K.280 (II, III)

Maria João Pires
3 sessions
A new lesson with Lilit Grigoryan continuing with the second and third movements of the W. A. Mozart F Major Sonata, KV 280.

Schubert Moment Musical No.1, D.780

Maria João Pires
6 sessions
A piano lesson with Kaito Kobayashi on F. Schubert’s Moment Musical No.1, D.780. Freedom vs. respect for the score, lightness, flow, and rubato are among the subjects.

Schubert Sonata in A minor, D.537 (I)

Maria João Pires
9 sessions
A piano lesson with Kaito Kobayashi on the first movement of F. Schubert’s piano sonata in A minor, D.537. Color change, beat vs. sound, mood, how to practice...

Schubert Sonata in A minor, D.537 (II)

Maria João Pires
7 sessions
Continuing the lesson with Kaito Kobayashi on the second movement of F. Schubert’s piano sonata in A minor, D.537.

Singing Hands

Maria João Pires
2 sessions
Piano four hands and polyphonic songs from the North of Portugal. A parallel between four hands piano playing (where two pianists share the same instrument in an intimate and complex relationship) …

Cities of the Danube

Maria João Pires
2 sessions
Music from Budapest and Vienna. The cities of the Danube river, particularly Vienna and Budapest, are a source of astonishing music throughout the ages. We will revisit this heritage through the …


Maria João Pires
10 performances
Rediscover with Maria the individual performances from Singing Hands and Cities of the Danube.

Meeting Point

Maria João Pires
2 discussions
Dialogues about composers, music and nature
We have a responsibility to lead our life in the best possible way: to help others and to share this planet with compassion.
Music and art belong to that process. They belong to life, they are expressions of our surroundings and transmissions.
Maria João Pires

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Imagine Clarity is an application unlike others: it gives us the keys to access An Art of Living. Its aesthetic quality alone illustrates this. Once started the daily ritual of extremely clear guided meditations, one feels after some time an invaluable inner benefit. Our relationship with the world is all the better for it! So thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who work on this application.

To all seekers of meaning,

pioneers of inner peace and world peace, pilgrims for a better world to bequeath to future generations, I can only ardently recommend the Imagine Clarity app. With the accompaniment of its unique, knowledgeable, rigorous and loving guides who wonderfully combine their skills in the service of everyone’s progress, this site becomes more accessible and inspiring from the first day on. I can only advise with conviction to dive into this wonderful odyssey with the Imagine Clarity. I entered this app as one enters religion: with devotion.

Souad Filal - Psychologist, Writer - Morocco
The essential guide in your pocket

It is stunning. After reading a good number of Matthieu's books I never suspected he had more to offer. 'Imagine Clarity' is the extra dimension like the extra coats of varnish that add luminescence to a Stradivarius violin. You are kidding yourself that you are too far along to benefit from 'Imagine Clarity'. Best for beginners and well-worn travellers alike. It is the Dojo of developing wisdom heart and wisdom mind. If you can gain enlightenment by staring at your phone, Matthieu Ricard's 'Imagine Clarity' is the surest path. The money spent is nothing compared with what you get for the price of admission into 'Imagine Clarity’..., Canada
Reliable and profound

This app is great, especially the content, coming from people who live and believe what they teach. Not just another trendy meditation app, an application to guide you on the path of the transformation of the mind. Thank you.

Philippe2review, Switzerland
Exceptional content

Incredibly good value to learn compassionate meditation and deeper insight from world renowned masters - every day! I have been using this app for over 2 years, at first irregularly and now twice a day. The benefits of this practice aids my relationships with others and my understanding of myself. I'm very grateful and happy that there is plenty of content to keep me learning and engaged for many years to come.

SunflowersInTheSun, Australia
Absolutely the best meditation app out there

I have tried a few and this one is the winner. The UX is simple and doesn't have any fancy features, although is well organized and has beautiful pictures, extra resources, and a helpful tracker/stats + timer. But what truly matters, the content, is just excellent. The people behind the scripts, structure, and narrative are serious mediators themselves with a profound understanding of the subject. The guided meditations go beyond the feel-good approach of other apps and provide insightful instructions and sufficient explanations. I highly recommend it.

Adrian, Canada

I have meditated my way through a rough year and I stand in my light with love in my heart and that has made everything better. I now meditate every morning with my husband (he joined about 250 days ago), so that is great. I have created a support group with about 12 people that send me a text when they are finished and I do the same towards them to keep them at it... they like that very much and I like paying it forward.

So I say thank you for the work you have done and this program is really helpful for a lot of people, I cannot talk about it enough with other people. Love the voices and the love that you bring to the world. Thank you from the depth of my heart for that.

Erla, Iceland

I have been meditating for many years, or so I thought; however, it is only since I got the Imagine Clarity app that I now realize what meditation really is. This app is changing my life. I would like to thank Mathieu Ricard and all of you from the bottom of my heart for putting this wonderful app together. It is helping me survive in this time of chaos and madness, and I am so grateful to have found it. Thank you again.

Danielle, Canada
An application that is well worth its price

I have been trying to practice mindfulness meditation for a year. I have an account in many applications in the Apple Store, and along my path I feel the benefits that this practice can bring me. I was missing a real apprenticeship to be perfectly in tune. I found it with Imagine Clarity. Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU for your work. My contribution through the paid subscription is little compared to the benefit I get from your application.

Pommelyane, France
Best meditation app there is

In trying to maintain a daily practice, I've tried most (maybe all) of the mediation apps available. This one, for me, has been perfect. It provides teachings and insights that refresh and bolster one's commitment; you get practical teachings and guided meditations alongside even more detailed videos and audio segments explaining WHY we do these things in a particular way, and how everyone benefits from these processes. It's inspiring.

denseweed, United States

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In a complex world where technology takes an ever-expanding place it is vital to refine our inner perspective and get in touch with the core of our humanity. Imagine Clarity’s unique online courses can bring about a profound and peaceful inner revolution affecting the quality of every moment of our experience.