Charles Hastings

Charles Hastings has been practicing meditation since the age of 17 and sharing his knowledge and experience for over 20 years. His courses proceed gradually in clearly explained steps. They are based on what anyone can discover directly without recourse to prior knowledge or particular beliefs. He insists that the development of stability and mindfulness and the fostering of kindness and compassion need to go together, and suggests methods for harnessing all kinds of situations to the practice, even the most difficult.

Charles’ approach is deliberately secular and in touch with everyone’s everyday experience. His clear step by step explanations are particularly accessible for beginners. His human warmth and the way he links meditation to all aspects of life have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for practitioners of all levels.

Charles studied Oriental Languages at Cambridge University. Guided by eminent teachers, such as Kangyur Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Dudjom Rinpoche, he has spent 8 years in contemplative retreats. Since then he has been involved in the translation of ancient texts from Tibetan. Charles was co-translator of Patrul Rinpoche’s The Words of My Perfect Teacher and has translated two books from French by his long-time friend Matthieu Ricard. He has also worked in publishing, commerce and education, and raised a family.

Charles is English but has lived in France for many years. He is at ease in both English and French, and answers questions about the practice in both languages.

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