A message for you from Matthieu Ricard

Dear friends of Imagine Clarity,
I know that many people might feel disorientated and frightened in face of the epidemic that is affecting many human beings around the world. So yes, we should take all precautions so that we can avoid it becoming a global catastrophe. We are not used anymore to encounter the sort of global events that seem to be beyond our control. We are so used to the idea that man can dominate nature, use nature as it pleases, which is, of course, a very naive concept… Maybe it's a time to reflect in-depth and realign our priorities in life and use whatever time we have in this life to really give the best value possible to every moment that passes by. Basically, by imbuing the time we have to live with kindness, compassion, inner freedom, going deep into the nature of our own mind.
I wish you all the best and my very humble prayers are with those who are affected by this epidemic. I am very humbly thinking of all of you. So please take care of yourself and take care of others.
—Matthieu Ricard
Every individual is having, and will have, a different experience of this crisis. You may be at the forefront, or not affected much. Whatever the case, we feel the core values and methods of Imagine Clarity are more relevant than ever.
Let's take the time to contact our own inner resources and natural good heart. To have inner stability, resilience, caring and inner peace is an enormous gift to ourselves and those around us.
Wherever you are in the world, to the best of our ability, we are here for you.
The Imagine Clarity team
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